Still Here! Been on a Working Vacation, Will be Speaking at 360iDev in Denver in September

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I've just stopped blogging while on an epic 6-1/2 week working vacation. Cory did most of the working, I did the driving. We travelled with our family of five out west, camping and sightseeing, then stayed with family in the Seattle area for a chunk of the time. Remember I mentioned we were going to test out Trip Boss? Well, this was the vacation I'd alluded to. I'll be putting together a post-mortem of our travelling with Trip Boss experiences in the upcoming months (I'm still digging out of email, etc., tho we did check it remotely.).

360iDev Conference: iOS Tech, Design, Business, and Mariachi Bands

Last week I attended 360iDev, an iOS developers conference, in Denver. In my last post I covered all the great things that happened as a result of attending conferences. Not only are they valuable education, but also a indirect marketing benefit. Nearly every person I spoke with at the conference this week agreed that the return on investment, although unmeasurable, easily covers the cost of attending the conference. 360iDev is not only a conference focused on technical sessions for developers, but also runs the gamut of sessions from UI/UX design, to graphics design, to management, to great business-side information from contracting, to marketing, to business models. In this post, I'll go through some of the tips and tricks I picked up from this year's conference.

The Immeasurable Marketing Value of Networking

Next Sunday I'm traveling to Denver for the 360iDev conference. I'm looking forward to learning some new tricks when I attend the design and business tracks (my responsibility in our partnership). But better than the sessions is the networking. Through the eight years we've been in this business, I've attended several conferences and each one has proven to be invaluable. One could even consider attendance more of a marketing cost than an education cost. Despite having to rebook my main travel this time from train to more expensive air travel, plus add extra night stay, the networking return on investment will be well worth the trip. This post will share some of the effects networking has had on our business in the past.

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