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Best App Ever nominations are open until Jan 15, 2014

Just as your holiday prepwork is winding down, please take a few moments to nominate our apps for the Best App Ever Awards, 2013. Our customers are the best, as we've made the finals every year in at least one category! Last year Recipe Manager was nominated for Best Cooking App and Best Parenting App and Trip Boss Expense & Budget manager got a nod for Best Financial App. Let's keep the trend going! Here are a few quick links to take you directly to the nominations for categories we're suggesting. You can nominate for multiple apps in multiple categories, so nominate away! Thanks so much for your support of our apps!!!!

Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer
Best Cooking App:
Most Useful App:
Best Parenting App:

Trip Boss travel manager
Best Travel App:

Trip Boss Expense & Budget
Best Financial App:

Date Wheel date calculator
Best Business App:
Best Productivity App:
Best Task Management App:

Best App Ever Finalists: Recipe Manager and Trip Boss - Plz Vote for Our Apps!

We are pleased to announce that two of our apps made the finals in The Best App Ever awards. Voting is open through January 31st. Our app, Recipe Cards with Serving Sizer for iPad (formerly named Serving Sizer Recipe Cards) has made the finals for Best Cooking App and Best Parenting App. Trip Boss Expense and Budget made the finals for Best Financial App. Now we need your votes to place! Don't wait too long, as voting closes tomorrow. I've put links below to make it easy to vote for our apps who make the finals. Thanks for your support! Click on links provided below.

Best App Ever Nominations are Open - Plz Nominate Our Apps!

The Best App Ever nominations are open until December 31st. Our app, Recipe Cards with Serving Sizer for iPad (formerly named Serving Sizer Recipe Cards) has made the finals for the past two years, thanks to your support. We hope we can count on it again, so we're asking for your nominations! If we make finalist, we'll again ask for your vote. You can vote for multiple apps in multiple categories, so please feel free to click as many combinations as you feel are warranted. Don't wait too long, as nominations close tomorrow. I've put links below to make it easy to nominate our apps in various categories. Thanks for your support! Click on links provided below.

App Updates Available for new size iPhone5 screen - Date Wheel date calculator

We're working hard to update our apps for the new iPhone 5 screen size. These apps also support iOS6, fixing any bugs. The first one we've released is Date Wheel date calculator:

Date Wheel timing calcDate Wheel countdown

Date Wheel--Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Date Calculator

Date Wheel is not your usual date calculator. While it may have been said that "anyone can write a date calculator," not everyone can write a GOOD one, and we like to think ours is the best. Date Wheel has won awards in the past and has been recently nominated in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards, sponsored by 148apps, in the category of "Best Time Management". This post was inspired by Dan Grigsby's challenge over at Mobile Orchard and will spell out some key features and design insight in an award-winning app that has celebrated a decade in existence. Read on to see if you agree and, if so, please nominate us by Dec. 31, 2009, and/or vote for us in January if we make the cut. Thanks!

Date Wheel 1.1.0 Update Available on the AppStore

Date Wheel 1.1.0 update is now live on the AppStore today. The update increases the number of calculations you can save, adds accessibility for visually impaired, plus includes optimization.

Date Wheel screenshot

Date updated

We are pleased to announce that we've uploaded a new update to today. The new version updates the web application to add better support for Internet Explorer 8 and to add localization for Portuguese. In addition, included in this release are some bug fixes and optimization to increase performance. is a date calculator that can be accessed via your PC or Mac's browser. We also have a mobile-optimized version for mobile smartphones with browsers, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Pre. Native versions of Date Wheel are also available on the iPhone and Palm OS mobile devices. Please visit the about page for more information.

Date Wheel Approved for Sale on the AppStore

UPDATE: Date Wheel is now showing up for sale on the AppStore. Here's the iTunes link.

Date Wheel screenshot

We just received the email for which we've been waiting--Date Wheel has been officially approved for sale on the AppStore! Should be a few hours before you can access it for purchase. We're very excited to finally release for iPhone. We'll keep you posted and provide links as soon as we know. In the meantime, feel free to follow DateWheel on Twitter for up-to-the-moment updates. We also ask you to please submit a review if you would. Thanks!!

Date Wheel submitted to AppStore

We finally submitted Date Wheel late last night to the AppStore. Now we wait. Apple has a new feature when you log in that tells you how long a typical AppStore submission will take. According to Apple, right now "96% of applications are being approved within 14 days." So, to show you what Date Wheel can do, I took a little screenshot showing the estimated timing if we are among the lucky 96%.

Date Wheel screenshot

If you want to be notified of when Date Wheel for iPhone is ready for sale,

Classic Certified for the Palm Pre

Trip Boss--Classic CertifiedToday we announced at Creative Algorithms that our Palm OS apps, Trip Boss and Date Wheel, have been "Classic Certified" for the MotionApps emulator app "Classic" for the webOS on the Palm Pre. (full press release here). What exactly does this mean?

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