Trip Boss iOS11 App Updates - Delay Explanation and Interim Options - UPDATED

We have a suite of travel apps, branded as Trip Boss XYZ (see the sidebar), that required updating to work on iOS 11. We almost got them updated in time, perhaps a week behind the release, but now some have been delayed by Apple through rejection in the review process. These apps are heavy on the customer data, so we wanted to get them into compliance and released before our customers deleted them (which deletes all the data) in frustration. Some customers have contacted us and we have provided guidance, but many of the thousands of customers are impossible to contact, since we have no method provided to us as developers. So the delays, potential impasse (it's very possible!) will leave our customers with potential losses of cherished travel memories and invaluable travel information that some of compiled for over seven years. This post will explain the status of the app rejections and review board appeal, and provide two paths to resolution for our customers (all hope is not lost). The choice of time, work, and/or cost is involved. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any more of a solution at this time. Our hands are tied by the review process.

Some Trip Boss Apps updated for iOS 11

Trip Boss travel manager and Trip Boss Travel Journal (new name) have been updated recently to comply to iOS 11.


Some bug fixes and enhancements have been added as well. Trip Boss Expense Manager (formerly Trip Boss Expense & Budget)

App Updates Available for new size iPhone5 screen - Journal : Trip Boss travel manager

More updates on our apps for the new iPhone 5 screen size and iOS6 support. The next one that has been released is Journal : Trip Boss travel manager:

Journal : Trip Boss travel managerPhoto journal

Real-World App Testing: Using Trip Boss Travel Manager on Vacation

Testing some productivity apps in a real-world situation is not always feasible. For example, we make a travel app, Trip Boss travel manager, for business and personal travel. Unless we plan a trip each time we test the app, testing will only be simulated travel. Day to day usage can be replicated, but actually using the app for travel can provide a new perspective on the app. True in-depth reviews are also rare, unless reviewers use the app to travel. Unfortunately, getting someone to review your app, let alone someone who just so happens to be traveling, is difficult to coordinate.

Adding Screenshots to iPhone Device Artwork

In marketing an app, one of the areas that needs attention is your website. The AppStore description and screenshots are sometimes not enough for every customer to make a decision. Sending them to your website gives you another chance at convincing them to purchase your product. In addition, many people do discover apps via search engines, so a website is essential for traffic that can link to your apps on the AppStore.

On your website you have more options with text formats and sizes, layout, and, of course graphics, including screenshots and device shots. Apple makes available device artwork and AppStore badges that you can use on your website, but you have to insert your own screenshots and resize the artwork to meet your needs. (The link requires a developer login). This post will cover some tips on processing your screenshots for device graphics on your website.

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