Summary of Palm OS Software Sales Poll

We recently conducted a poll as to why Palm software sales were down drastically in 2007. Here's a synopsis and editorial of the results:

The recent poll we conducted resulted in a two-way tie, with two very close second place finishers. Two additional third place selections followed very closely behind, nearly resulting in a six-way tie. These results are not surprising--too many factors have played a part in this story. I suspect it was difficult for one to choose just one main factor. All the results tell a story of how things went awry with the Palm OS.

Why do you think Palm OS software sales have dropped dramatically in 2008?

Delay of new OS (Palm II/Nova) until 2009+.
11% (10 votes)
Uncertainty of backward compatibility of current apps with upcoming OS.
5% (5 votes)
Why buy software when the Palm OS (Garnet) will soon be obsolete?
10% (9 votes)
Centro is marketed to different users who don't buy software (or are uninformed).
13% (12 votes)
Carriers are discouraging software with warning messages.
2% (2 votes)
Perception that Palm Nova is vaporware and Palm will soon die out.
14% (13 votes)
Users only buy "Designed for Palm Products"-designated software now.
0% (0 votes)
Palm Gear closed, giving negative perception of Palm's future.
11% (10 votes)
No press on Palm Nova status. (i.e. No news is not good news.)
2% (2 votes)
Software market is saturated--no new users adding software, current users have all they want.
13% (12 votes)
Freeware choices are better than shareware/commercial.
2% (2 votes)
iPhone apps are coming.
14% (13 votes)
What? Software sales are normal.
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 94
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