Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - recipe converter cookbook

Recipe cards for your iPad! Creative Algorithms is pleased to announce our first iPad app: Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - recipe converter cookbook now available on the AppStore.
Serving Sizer Pro for iPadAvailable on the AppStore

Lots of screenshots available on our main website, along with a walkthru on how it works. It has all the goodness of the iPhone version: scales by serving size, easy entry of ingredients, no website access required (save directly to iPad), but in a whole new custom format for iPad.

Serving Sizer Pro ingredient entry

Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Converter and Cookbook Now on AppStore

We're pleased to announce that our Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Converter and Cookbook app is now available on the AppStore!
Serving Sizer ProAvailable on the AppStore

Serving Sizer Pro™ does what your regular cookbook can't--instantly scales recipes based on number of guests coming for dinner! With Serving Sizer Pro you can convert entire recipes from one serving size to another. Great for scaling for crowds, or down-sizing for 1-2 person meals. Save recipes to re-scale later. Also converts between Metric and US measures so you can cook from recipes from other countries that use measuring tools different than what you're used to.

We've also included a few of our favorite recipes to see how it works or to make for yourselves. Enter your own recipes easily--over 500+ ingredients pre-loaded and beautifully designed sliders for choosing amounts and units. More details on our website. Enjoy!

Serving Sizer Pro recipe card screenServing Sizer measurement entry

We Can Always Go Back to the Old Way of Distributing Software

Yes, the AppStore review system is archaic and out of our control. Yes, the discoverability is frustrating and when the store breaks, we're out of luck. But would you really want to go back to the 'old way' of distributing mobile software? Let's look at what the AppStore fixed in terms of mobile software distribution.

Serving Sizer Recipe Converter Now on AppStore

We're pleased to announce that our Serving Sizer Recipe Converter app is now available on the AppStore! Serving Sizer

With Serving Sizer you can convert any recipe ingredient from one serving size to another. Great for scaling for crowds, or down-sizing for 1-2 person meals. Units are both in Imperial and Metric, so you can convert from European to US recipes in a snap as well!

More details in our previous post. Enjoy!

Serving Sizer Recipe Converter Submitted to AppStore

Serving Sizer recipe converter has been 'ported to iPhone. We recently submitted it to the AppStore for approval.

Serving Sizer scales recipes by serving size--enter recipe's serving size and the new number of servings and this cooking calculator will handle all the fraction math for you. Some examples:

  • Your favorite recipe serves 4, but you have a family of 5--use Serving Sizer to convert ingredients to your needs.
  • Holiday dinners are around the corner and the guest list is for 14. You want to make your favorite corn pudding, but the serving size is 6. This app will do the math so you make enough for everyone.
  • Dinner for 1 tonight, but you don't want 3 days of leftovers. Convert that 4 serving recipe to a 1-person meal.
  • You're catering a big event for 100. You have an 8 serving recipe to increase for a crowd. The app will help calculate the right amounts to buy and make.
  • Sure, anyone can double a recipe from 4 to 8 servings, but what if you have 10 people coming and don't want to run out of meat? Serving Sizer will tell you how many pounds of meat to buy for your dinner party.
  • Got a cookbook you bought in Europe, but the recipes are all in metric? Serving Sizer can help here too--all calculations are displayed in both Imperial and Metric units. Converting to and from metric and imperial units requires no additional steps. Just tap on "original" serving size and you'll see amounts in both ml and cups.

Here's some screenshot teasers for you:

Serving Sizer main screenServing Sizer measurement entry

Date Wheel 1.1.0 Update Available on the AppStore

Date Wheel 1.1.0 update is now live on the AppStore today. The update increases the number of calculations you can save, adds accessibility for visually impaired, plus includes optimization.

Date Wheel screenshot

Interview with Creative Algorithms: Moving Platforms

PDA247, a long-standing premium news site for smartphone news, community, and forums has posted an interview with Creative Algorithms: "Mobile Platforms: A developer's point of view". Here's an excerpt:

Date updated

We are pleased to announce that we've uploaded a new update to today. The new version updates the web application to add better support for Internet Explorer 8 and to add localization for Portuguese. In addition, included in this release are some bug fixes and optimization to increase performance. is a date calculator that can be accessed via your PC or Mac's browser. We also have a mobile-optimized version for mobile smartphones with browsers, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Pre. Native versions of Date Wheel are also available on the iPhone and Palm OS mobile devices. Please visit the about page for more information.

Date Wheel Approved for Sale on the AppStore

UPDATE: Date Wheel is now showing up for sale on the AppStore. Here's the iTunes link.

Date Wheel screenshot

We just received the email for which we've been waiting--Date Wheel has been officially approved for sale on the AppStore! Should be a few hours before you can access it for purchase. We're very excited to finally release for iPhone. We'll keep you posted and provide links as soon as we know. In the meantime, feel free to follow DateWheel on Twitter for up-to-the-moment updates. We also ask you to please submit a review if you would. Thanks!!

Date Wheel submitted to AppStore

We finally submitted Date Wheel late last night to the AppStore. Now we wait. Apple has a new feature when you log in that tells you how long a typical AppStore submission will take. According to Apple, right now "96% of applications are being approved within 14 days." So, to show you what Date Wheel can do, I took a little screenshot showing the estimated timing if we are among the lucky 96%.

Date Wheel screenshot

If you want to be notified of when Date Wheel for iPhone is ready for sale,

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