Trip Boss Itinerary Manager Countdown Sale

We're running a sale, counting down to US Independence Day on Trip Boss Itinerary Manager. Hesitate and miss out on the best deal:

80% off Saturday: 99c
60% off Sunday: $1.99
40% off Monday: $2.99
20% off Tuesday-4th of July: $3.99

Trip Boss Itinerary travel manager is a must have for keeping track of your family's vacation itinerary. Track everything from lodging to routes, to all those little micro plans.

Happy 4th of July!

Real-World App Testing: Using Trip Boss Travel Manager on Vacation

Testing some productivity apps in a real-world situation is not always feasible. For example, we make a travel app, Trip Boss travel manager, for business and personal travel. Unless we plan a trip each time we test the app, testing will only be simulated travel. Day to day usage can be replicated, but actually using the app for travel can provide a new perspective on the app. True in-depth reviews are also rare, unless reviewers use the app to travel. Unfortunately, getting someone to review your app, let alone someone who just so happens to be traveling, is difficult to coordinate.

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