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Multiple issues with PocketGear

We are having major issues with PocketGear and I wouldn't recommend them at all. Their reporting is not working, they are not sending any sales reports so we have no idea what we've sold and how much we've earned, they ignore emails asking them to send us the reports. Their content management system is simply crap - it's not working, product updates are a pain, we have to email them and beg to get our updates listed. Paid advertising was a bad experience as well, the entire campaign was not ran on time, they did not respond to emails etc - very unprofessional. Most important we are having trouble receiving our payments. So far I have asked them many times to send the outstanding royalties and most of the email were ignored. We have not been paid since March 2009. We are a major producer of mobile software and I find this situation more than disturbing. We are making enough sales on our own site and with other vendors like Handango, Handster, MobiHand etc and we do not depend on PocketGear like other small companies do. I find their attitude unacceptable and I think they are not doing their job, something we are paying them for with the ultra-high commissions they take from our sales. We will likely drop them completely like many other developers have done already.

Anton Tomov


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