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June 8, 2009

Trip Boss and Date Wheel are Classic Certified for the Palm Pre

Bartlett, IL--Creative Algorithms, developer of award-winning Palm OS® mobile software, is pleased to announce the certification of Trip Boss™ and DateWheel™ for Classic by MotionApps, the Palm OS® emulator for Palm WebOS™ on the Palm® Pre™ smartphone.

Being Classic Certified serves as a seal of approval enabling users to use Classic Certified applications with confidence. “It’s been a great pleasure working with Creative Algorithms and we are happy to add Trip Boss and Date Wheel to the list of Classic Certified applications. Our goal is to provide users with a way to migrate to Pre smoothly, safely and on their own terms and Classic Certified applications will assure users that through Classic they will get the same familiar experience running Palm OS applications on a new and powerful Pre,” said Voja Lalich, CEO of MotionApps.

About Trip Boss(TM)
The award-winning Trip Boss is a complete travel manager, designed for both business and personal travel. Plan, organize, track, record, and report all your travel data in one convenient package. With Trip Boss you can plan itineraries, track expenses, organize with check lists, log mileage, budget vacations, keep a journal, rate places, convert currencies, access live travel info and more. Trip Boss received the 2008 PalmAddict Reader Award for Best Travel Program for Palm OS and the 2007 Palm Addict Reader Award for Best Software. The app was a finalist in the 2006 Handango Champion awards, recipient of the Palm Addict Award of Excellence in 2005, and named Software of the Year in 2004 by PDA247. "...Trip Boss is the perfect companion, and the best in its class."--Palmtop User Magazine. 
Please visit for more information and to download a free trial.

About Date Wheel(TM)
Date Wheel (TM) is a time between dates calculator. Time is calculated in months, weeks, days, and business days. "(Date Wheel) is a useful tool for project planning, time management, ... estimating lead times, ... (to) count down to an important event, estimate shipping and arrival times, determine the exact age of a relative or friend... Ever try to calculate these kinds of things in your head or using a calendar?" said Harv Laser, Palm editor of former Handheld Computing Magazine. The 'today' lock feature makes countdowns automatic. Save tasks for future reference. Use for both business applications and personal applications—anytime you need to quickly calculate the time between two dates.
"Date Wheel is the most critical and utilized application on my (smartphone), which would have become another piece of orphaned technology if it weren't for Date Wheel," attests a satisfied customer. Date Wheel was the recent recipient of the PalmAddict Award of Excellence 2008 for Best Software. "(DateWheel) is one of my favourite programs and I find it mighty useful."--Sammy McLoughlin, PalmAddict. Please visit for more information and to download a free trial.

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About Creative Algorithms, LLC

Based in Chicago, Creative Algorithms has been developing business and personal mobile applications as early as 1999. Applications are designed for iPhone/iPod touch and Palm OS smartphones and PDA's, plus web-based applications for iPhone, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Focusing on functionality, usability, and quality, Creative Algorithms has established a strict design philosophy for development of its products, and strives for exceptional customer service.

About MotionApps

MotionApps is a company with an intense drive to make cleverest software for Smartphones. Founded and based in San Francisco and accessed and downloaded worldwide. Our business is to make lives of our users just a bit happier, easier and more intuitive, through timely service, good spirit and great ideas. We make products that we want to use ourselves and for people just like us. The moving, thinking, typing, making things happen 'on the go' kind. It has all begun in 2003 (remember Treo 180?) starting with PalmOS (first developer branded with Designed for Palm Products logo, among the first members of Palm Selected Developers group), then WinMo, BlackBerry, iPhone and our youngest and brightest, Palm® Pre™.