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Manage All Travel with Trip Boss Travel Manager Modules, updated for iPhone 5

Bartlett, IL: Traveling for business requires the utmost care in recording expenses so that no expense is missed for reimbursement. Tracking expenses closely to a personal travel budget can help ensure a relaxing holiday or vacation. Keeping track of your detailed travel itinerary in one convenient place makes business and personal travel less stressful. Smoothly calculating a meal split with adequate tip can finish up a meal on a friendly note. Knowing the cost of a souvenir in a foreign currency can take the stress out of buying gifts while vacationing out of the country. Recording memories, thoughts, and details in a travel journal isn't a novel idea, but wouldn't it be great if you could share the whole entry, with photos, on Facebook©, right from your iPhone? Wouldn't it be convenient if you could keep all this travel related information in one app? You can with Trip Boss travel manager, customizing it with only the modules you need. Track expenses, set budgets, manage itinerary, keep a trip journal, calculate tips and meal cost splits, and convert currencies with Trip Boss travel manager.

Creative Algorithms is pleased to announce the updated release of Trip Boss™ travel manager, and all modules, now optimized for the larger screen on the new iPhone5 and 5th generation iPod touch. The updates also add support for iOS6. The Trip Boss suite of travel apps are designed for the busy vacationing or business traveler. Trip Boss is modular, so you can add on additional travel modules within each app. Pick a Trip Boss app to start and add on Expense & Budget, Itinerary, or Journal modules, creating your own custom travel-focused app. The modules are designed to work together, sharing global information, such as places, and eliminating double entry of data. Enter a flight and send the ticket cost to expenses, in just a few taps. You can't do that with separate travel apps! “The module idea means that serious travellers can buy them all and take advantage of the full set and less frequent travellers can just grab what they need. The fact that each module and the main application are so well programmed makes this one of the very best mobile travel apps available,” writes Shaun McGill, editor of Lost in Mobile.

Pricing and Availability

Trip Boss travel manager is divided into three modules and is available on the iTunes AppStore:
Trip Boss Expense & Budget travel manager for $4.99 USD
Trip Boss Itinerary travel manager for $4.99 USD
Journal : Trip Boss travel manager for $2.99 USD
Trip Boss travel manager, Itinerary, Expense, & Budget edition includes two modules in one, and is available for $9.99 USD. 

For more information please visit or purchase the apps directly on the AppStore via the above iTunes links.
Add the additional modules within each app.

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