About Justine and Cory Pratt

About Justine Lokanis Pratt

Welcome, and thanks for reading. Here’s a bit about Justine:
I’m President/Partner and Founder of Creative Algorithms, LLC, a micro ISV, focusing on mobile software development. I’m married to Cory, with three children. We live and work in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, USA. My hobbies include reading, gardening, watercolor painting, camping, and traveling.

About Justine Lokanis Pratt

Welcome, and thanks for reading. Here’s a bit about Justine:
I’m President/Partner and Founder of Creative Algorithms, LLC, a micro ISV, focusing on mobile software development. I’m married to Cory, with three children. We live and work in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, USA. My hobbies include reading, gardening, watercolor painting, camping, and traveling.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, where I was very active. I was the Ad Production Manager for our school newspaper and I was also the founding president of a local women’s fraternity. I also learned German at Michigan Tech.

I also have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Oakland University, Rochester, MI, with a concentration in International Business. This degree has proved invaluable in the business management of our company (my primary role).

I’m a Michigan, USA, native. I grew up in Romeo, MI. I was lucky to get early exposure to computers, having written BASIC and Fortran programs (on paper) in high school before personal computers were inexpensive enough for the school to purchase. Our first home computer was a Commodore 64, which {shudder} is now exhibited in museums.

I chose mechanical engineering because I was interested in math and science and I wanted to study something that wasn’t abstract; that had a job associated with it. I choose Michigan Tech because it was a smaller engineering school, but had an excellent reputation. The location was attractive–small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP), rural, beautiful, and lots of snow. Plus, since I was valedictorian of my high school graduating class, MTU offered me a full tuition scholarship.

After graduating, I started work in the automotive industry, like many Michigan engineers. I started at Takata, Inc., a privately held company, working on design of passenger side airbags. I remember having both an IBM-clone (pre Windows) and a Mac to work on. I learned Word and Excel on the Mac and after Windows was released, remember trying out a little program called Microsoft Project. As I moved up in the company, I became interested in test engineering and quality and started a new department from scratch (Product Assurance Engineering) and implemented ISO 9000.

From Takata, I moved to TRW Vehicle Safety Systems as a Senior Program Manager, staying with safety, but switching to seat belt engineering. I was in charge of multi-million dollar seat belt programs for Ford truck platforms. Later, I managed international cross-customer product launches, with locations in the US, Mexico, Italy, Austria, and Poland. I also started my MBA course-work. I remember that no one was really using email yet and the world wide web had not yet caught on. I did get my first cell phone, since I did a lot of traveling, and attended a lot of off site meetings at my customer. Program Management at TRW was very broad, with responsibilities ranging from financial, to timing, to engineering, to team management, to customer relations, to manufacturing. It was very exciting and rewarding, plus how I first started to move away from engineering to more of a business management role. I also got my first PDA while at TRW–a Palm III.

I left TRW and moved to Chicago, where I became Quality Manager for a plant owned by Federal Mogul. I was looking for operations experience (which many mentors advised). Our plant produced fog lamps, mainly for General Motors. I remember the start of supplier websites–where you could get information and interact with your customers online. It was slow and difficult to use, but definitely a step in the right direction. It certainly improved communication.

After FMO, I took a few years off and spent time with my babies, but then my husband, Cory, and I founded Creative Algorithms in 2003, writing software for the then-hot Palm-powered PDA’s and Treo smartphones. We’ve since branched out to other mobile platforms, including the iPhone.

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About Cory Pratt

Here’s a bit about Cory:
I’m Chief Technical Officer/Partner and Founder of Creative Algorithms, LLC, where my main role is developing Palm, web applications, and now iPhone software, but my time is also consumed by IT maintenance. I’m married to Justine, and we have three children.

My hobbies are programming, building PCs, and Linux. My interests include hiking, camping, traveling, science (space, archeology, electronics), and science-fiction. I also enjoy spending time with my family.

I’m a Michigan native and grew up, mostly, in a small town called Almont. As a kid I wrote games for the Datapoint 1500 and later, the Atari 800. My dad has always been a Mac enthusiast, so we always had the latest Mac hardware around, plus the latest electronic gadgets and toys.

In working for some great companies including Ford Motor Company/Visteon, 3Com/CommWorks, and Packet Video, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a lot of cool things like remote keyless entry electronic modules, networking gear, and consumer electronic devices, such as the XM Nexus and Delphi SkyFi3 satellite radio receivers. I like working on things that enrich people’s lives.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Engineering from Michigan Technological University. My favorite programming languages are Java and C++, but I also know C, Objective C, and various Assembly and scripting languages.

I’ve always had a passion for programming. I also like to tinker with electronics, so I’ve built all our computer workstations and servers by hand.

About Creative Algorithms
Creative Algorithms is a microISV, specializing in mobile software development. We’ve written both native and web-based applications.

Our latest releases are on the iOS platform: Trip Boss travel manager, Serving Sizer Pro recipe converter and cookbook, Serving Sizer recipe converter, and Date Wheel for iPhone, and Serving Sizer Pro Recipe cards for iPad which are all available on the AppStore.

Our popular Palm OS applications included our travel manager, Trip Boss, and Date Wheel, our time-between-dates calculator. The idea for Trip Boss came from a paper logbook my family used when we were kids. We kept track of everything on our trips. Date Wheel replaced my plastic date wheel, which was one of my most used tools as a program manager at TRW. When I switched from a paper planner to a PDA, I didn’t have a place to carry my date wheel, so Cory wrote me a Palm app.

We’ve released Date Wheel as web application, Date Wheel.net. This application is for the desktop and also has a format for mobile. Right now the mobile link is iPhone-formatted, but works on all mobiles; we hope to tweak the layout soon for a better fit on Blackberry, Windows Mobile, et al. One of its features is localization in several languages.

We also maintain a mobile travel portal, Mobile Travel Aide, aka mtrvl.com. Mobile Travel Aide contains mobile-friendly links to travel information such as flight status, ground transportation, weather radar, restaurant and sights info close to your location, currency rates, mapping and directions. The site can be accessed through any mobile browser, or launched from within Trip Boss for Palm OS.

Date Wheel and Trip Boss are also “Classic Certified” for the Palm Pre. Both run well in the emulator by Motion Apps. A certified version is available on our website for download and purchase.

We’re now focused on the iOS platform, but investigating ‘porting our software to other platforms, and enjoy creating new and exciting apps.

We also do contract work, both in iOS/Android development and in graphical design, so if you’re looking for some help on a project, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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You can also follow Creative Algorithms on Twitter, where we’ll be post quick discounts and updates. You can also join our mailing list from our main website for more in-depth newsletters and release notices. If you would like to follow specific programs, we also have a twitter feed for Date Wheel, Serving Sizer and for Trip Boss.