Serving Sizer™ recipe converter scales individual ingredients using serving sizes. No need for complicated fraction math!


Enter the original recipe serving size and the new serving size you want.

You can also select Halve, Double, or Triple.

Tap on the Original Measurement field to enter your ingredient. After entering, the new measurement will read the converted amount, in both US and Metric units.

New measurements are optimized for the minimum number of steps for measuring out ingredients (i.e. 1 cup + 1 T) and presented in units and amounts appropriate to available measuring tools.

Entering Measurements

Measurements can be selected in three formats.

Select Volume for volume units, like cups, teaspoons, or milliliters. Select Weight for weight units like pounds or kilograms. Select Items to enter a number for quantity-only ingredients, like eggs or tomatoes.

  • Use the keyboard to enter whole numbers.
  • The fraction slider allows you to choose fractions. Slide it all the way to the right to get a blank space if you have no fractional amounts.
  • The bottom slider will reflect the units of whatever button you've selected (Volume /Weight /Items). Tap Done once you've picked your ingredient's amount.
  • Metric and US units Conversion

    Serving Sizer will also convert between metric and US weights and measures.

    After entering your measurement, both Metric and US weights and measures will be reflected in the New Measurement area. If only wish to translate between units and do not wish to increase or decrease your amounts, tap on the "original" button. The Original Measurement and New Measurement will be equivalent amounts.


    Serving Sizer Pro™ recipe converter and cookbook scales entire recipes using serving sizes and stores recipes for future use or scaling.


    Easily enter recipes using catalog of 500+ ingredients and custom measurement entry sliders. Convert recipes by serving sizes by entering Original and New serving sizes.
      Change to a New serving size whenever your guest list changes-something your real cookbooks can't do for you.
      Toggle between US and Metric units with one touch.

    The following information will take you through each screen and explain your options.

    On any screen, tap the "i" icon to get to the about/help page.

    RECIPES list screen

  • Tap + to add a new recipe. Enter the name, tap Done. You'll be taken to the next step.
  • Tap Edit to change the order of your recipes, to edit the name, or to delete.
  • Tap on the recipe name to add ingredients, directions, or to view the recipe index card (via the index card icon).
  • Individual RECIPE screen

  • Tap + to add a new ingredient.
  • Tap Edit to change ingredient order, name/amount, or delete.
  • Tap Serves: field to enter Original Serving Size and edit New Serving Size. (New Serving Size is shown)
  • Tap index card icon to view the entire recipe for cooking and to edit the recipe's directions.
  • Tap envelope icon to email scaled recipe.
  • Toggle "US" and "Metric" to view current serving size in US or Metric units.
  • Tap ingredient to edit info and amounts. The rows show the calculated amounts according to the ratio determined from the Original and New Servings sizes.
  • Tap top left arrow to return to RECIPES list.
  • SERVINGS screen

  • Enter Original Serving Size.
  • Enter New Serving Size.
  • Optional: Tap Halve, Double, Triple to quickly scale recipes. These will be auto-detected if you enter applicable serving size ratio. "Original" sets both serving sizes to same value.

  • Tap top left arrow to accept changes and return to RECIPE screen.
  • Tips:

  • Use Original when you merely want to convert between US and Metric units or make the recipe for the original serving size.
  • Once you set the Original Serving Size, do not change it, as it can affect the original ingredient measures you've already entered.
  • INDEX CARD screen

    View entire recipe (ingredients and directions) on easily scrollable screen--recommended screen to use when cooking. Ingredients shown in the units and serving size you've selected.

  • Tap "Edit" to add or change directions.
  • Tap Done to return to RECIPE screen.
  • Tip:

    You can email this screen by tapping on the envelope icon on the RECIPE screen.


  • Tap ingredient name (1st row) to enter an ingredient name.
  • Tap "Original Measurement" field to enter or change an amount.
  • Tap top left arrow to return to the RECIPE screen.
  • Delete ingredient via trash can icon.

  •   Original and New Serving sizes and New Measurement (scaled and converted ingredient amount) are shown for reference, which is useful when you are only calculating one ingredient and don't want to enter an entire recipe.
      New Measurements are optimized for the minimum number of steps for measuring out ingredients (i.e. 1 cup + 1 T) and presented in units and amounts appropriate to available measuring tools.


  • Find and select an existing ingredient--over 500 from which to choose--by using the index on the side or using the search bar. Tap on the ingredient to select it for the recipe.
  • Tap + to add a new ingredient.
  • Tap Edit to delete or edit existing ingredients.
  • MEASUREMENT screen

  • Enter whole number using keypad.
  • Enter fractional amount using custom slider.
  • Select Volume, Weight, or Items (for non-measured items like eggs, slices of bread, etc.) to show the appropriate units in the unit slider.
  • Select the applicable units using the custom slider.
  • Tap "Edit Ingredient" top left arrow to accept entries and changes and return to the EDIT INGREDIENT screen.
  • Tip:

    Enter zero for amount to show ingredients that are noted "to taste" in recipes.

    Serving Sizer vs Serving Sizer Pro

    Serving Sizer converts one ingredient at a time--great for one time quick conversions.

    Serving Sizer Pro stores and converts complete recipes. Change the New Serving Size whenever you need to adjust your favorite recipes. Serving Sizer Pro is also a cookbook database for all your recipes, with no need to re-enter ingredients every time you want to scale a recipe.

    Both convert between US and Metric recipes.

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