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Special Release

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Date beta Release

* Use on your desktop/laptop via browser
* FREE to use during beta, which may continue--currently ad supported
* Support for mobile browsers forthcoming
* Localized versions are coming soon, including date format and some language translation
* Preferences, similar to the Palm version, are also on the way
* Eventually most of the features on the Palm version will be available. screenshot
  Have a comment or suggestion?  Find a bug?  Want to provide a translation of the text in your language?
Please Let Us Know!
Your input is greatly appreciated!

With Date Wheel, you can:
  • Calculate the Time Between Two Dates in Months, Weeks, Days, and Business Days
  • Plan Projects
  • Estimate Lead Times, including test cases
  • Countdown to an Important Event or Deadline
  • Track When Shipments are to Arrive
  • Calculate a Pregnancy Due Date
  • Determine Your Age in Months, Days, or Weeks
  • Calculate How Long Something is Overdue
  • Figure out when to schedule your next haircut.
  • Find the day of the week for any date in the past, present, or future.
  • Calculate the Julian date of any day by setting the start date to 12/31.
  • Determine How Much Time Remains to Complete a Project
Date web application is a time between dates calculator that has been updated for use on a desktop/laptop via a browser, using Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Calculate time in months, weeks, days or business days.
Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, and Safari.  Mobile browser support with mobile format coming soon, including for iPhone.
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