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In this issue:
  • Trip Boss Itineraries is out!
  • Updates:  Serving Sizer Recipe Cards 1.2.4, Trip Boss 4.1
  • What is In-App Purchase?
  • Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad - import tips
  • Adding expenses through itineraries (Trip Boss tips)
  • Serving Sizer wins 3rd place
  • Why we went with in-app purchase for Trip Boss (blog post)

Serving Sizer Pro
Recipe Cards
for iPad
available on AppStore

ver. 1.2.4:
✔ Added better communication for category filtering of recipes:
✔ NEW filter status indicator icon on upper navigation toolbar, and informational messages, to better communicate that recipes have been filtered and by which categories.
✔ NEW "CLEAR category" filter button on upper navigation toolbar.
✔ Added additional help "i" info button to main screen, for ease in contacting us/getting help.
✔ Misc. bug fixes and optimizations.

Trip Boss travel manager
available on AppStore

ver. 4.1:
✔ Added Itineraries module available for in-app purchase.
- Includes support for 50 different kinds of itineraries.
- Includes travel time calculator.
- Supports email and printing (iOS4.2)⃰ of itinerary.
- Integrates with expense & budget module.

✔ Added store for purchasing additional modules.
✔ Added copy button to places.
✔ Added new graphical navigation screen.
✔ When adding a new person, place, or client, the name now defaults to the last search text.
✔ Fixed bug where Travel Data->Clients->Client is blank and showed wrong fields.
✔ Fixed broken exchange rate override.
✔ Fixed budget display when working with very large numbers.
✔ Fixed a bug with negative expense values.
✔ Improved stability and memory usage.
Minimum supported iOS version changed from 3.0 to 3.1.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback--we strive to keep the improvements coming!

What is In-app Purchase?

In-app purchase (IAP) is a convenient way for developers to offer customers additional content or consumables, for purchase from within an app. We've set up Trip Boss this way to allow for combining mulitple travel apps into one complete app so they can share information and store all trip data in one place.  Our customers can customize the app, adding only content they need or want. Creative Algorithms is working to add many other "module" options for Trip Boss.  We recently released our first module, Itineraries.

How does it work?

Simply visit the "Store" from within Trip Boss. Our store has a vending machine design. Tap on an icon to find out more information. A link is also available to our website for more info and screenshots. You will see a price button for buying the module, just like in the main AppStore.

When you are ready to buy, tap on the price. You will be prompted to confirm, then to enter your iTunes password, just like the AppStore.  Apple receives a message from the app and the purchase is made, using your iTunes account (all info stays on Apple's servers). Apple sends the app a message that the purchase was complete and the module is then activated. You will see the new icons on the main Trip Boss screen.

Purchased modules' main icons will appear at the bottom of the vending machine.

In-app purchase is good across all iOS devices on your account, just like the apps. Simply tap "Restore Modules" to install already purchased modules onto your other devices.

Tips for using
Trip Boss
Sending Expenses
from Itinerary Entries

Did you know you, after adding Itineraries, you can create an expense, right from an itinerary entry?
Enter your flight into your itinerary, tap the forward arrow button on the toolbar to add the cost of your tickets.  It's just that easy!

Trip Boss
Travel Manager

Itineraries Edition
Trip Boss itineraries screenshot

Creative Algorithms' is pleased to announce the release of Trip Boss travel manager, Itineraries edition, available exclusively from within Trip Boss travel manager, via in-app purchase.

  • PLAN

  • Plan, store, manage, share, and review your itinerary in one convenient place. Supports up to 50 types of travel itineraries and a host of predefined locations and travel providers. Add additional itinerary types and places as you go.

    Travel data synergy. Eliminate double entry by sending data between modules.  Works hand and hand with the Expense module--record an expense right from your itinerary entry. Or, add a new itinerary entry from your expenses.  You can't do that with two separate travel apps.

    Manage your itinerary.
    ✔ Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Buses. Cruises.
    ✔ Lodging. Camping.
    ✔ Car Rental. Ground Transportation.
    ✔ Dining.
    ✔ Meetings.
    ✔ Parking.
    ✔ Tours. Sightseeing. Events. Side Trips.
    ✔ SPECIAL ROUTE PLANNING using bonus Travel Time calculator

    Share Itineraries. Email. Print from device.

    Add on the Itineraries module right from within Trip Boss, Expense & Budget edition. Just tap on our in-app module Store to view and purchase this add-on module.  More modules to follow as Trip Boss works hard to become your complete travel manager.

    available modules

    Modules included in
    Expense & Budget edition
    (purchase from the AppStore)

    ✔ Trips - keeps track of basic trip info
    ✔ Budgets - set trip budgets
    ✔ Expenses - log and track trip expenses
    ✔ Tip/Split calculator - calculate meal tips/splits
    ✔ Currency calculator - real time currency rates
    ✔ Store - add modules using in-app purchase

    Modules included in
    Itineraries edition
    (in-app purchase from within Trip Boss)

    Itineraries - manage your trip plans
    Travel Time Calculator - distance/speed/time

    Start by purchasing Trip Boss travel manager, Expense & Budget edition. Add on Itineraries. Coming soon: Journal.

    available on AppStore

    If you decide to buy,
    please leave a review.
    We always love getting
    customer feedback!

    Tips for using
     Serving Sizer
    Recipe Cards
    for iPad
    Importing Recipes
    Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad supports simple import through copy/paste. If you are browsing for recipes on the internet in Safari on iPad, simply highlight the complete recipe text and copy it.  Launch Serving Sizer Recipe Cards and start a new recipe. Tap on the Directions area and paste the text into the card. If you don't need to resize the recipe right away, you can leave the ingredients list right in directions and start cooking, using the full screen Cooking Mode.  When you are ready to resize the recipe, read the ingredients from the directions and enter them using our ingredient entry method and delete their text from directions.  You can also use copy/paste from emails or any documents on the iPad.

    We use Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards on a daily basis for our own cooking.  We have lots of ideas for improvements (including improved import) and are making plans for continued updates to all the Serving Sizer apps.  Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions--feedback always helps us to improve our products!

    More tips & tricks available in past newsletters. Date Wheel also has a page of tips on our website.

    3rd Place Winner in
    2010 Best App Ever awards:
    Serving Sizer Pro
    Recipe Cards

    2010 Best AppEverAwards 3rd Place

    Thanks to your votes, Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad was awarded third place in the Parenting category in the
    Best App Ever Awards.
    We appreciate your continued support!

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