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Creative Algorithms newsletter
August 2008

In this issue:
  • Date
    • for desktop
    • for iPhone
  • What's a Web App?
  • Back to School Specials
  • Featured software
  • CA news
  • Mobile Evolution - our  new blog

What's a Web App?

A web application is software that is on a website that is accessed via a browser. There is no need to download and install on your computer--just visit the website and use.  It does require an internet connection, however.   Common web applications are Google Docs, Pandora Radio, Facebook, Flickr and even common webmail.

If a web application saves data, people may refer to this as "saving on the cloud" or Cloud Computing.  This basically means that your data is saved on a webserver somewhere, instead of on your computer's hard drive.  The advantages of Cloud Computing is that you can access the files from anywhere, from any computer, and using any operating system (Windows, Mac, and Linux)--as long as you have an internet connection. Some people are a bit hesitant to store data in the cloud, but most websites keep this data very secure and keep backups, so many people do not have any trouble using this type of service.

Sometimes these types of apps are also referred to as Web 2.0.  Many feel Web 2.0 is the future of applications, leaving the current Windows-centric model behind, but others feel widespread acceptance is still pending. is a web application--just visit the website to run the program.  We do not have a save option yet, so no data is stored on our servers.  Date Wheel will remember your settings and your last entry, but this is accomplished via cookies.  In order to run Date Wheel in your browser you will need javascript enabled, and CSS (which styles the application).

We've added a few new features to Date can get it in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.  From the desktop you can also choose three methods of date input. 

The full press release is available on our website.

Featured Software

Plan, Prepare, Record, and Report Your Travel Data

Trip Boss
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Trip Boss is the all in one travel manager.  With Trip Boss you can plan your itinerary, track expenses, organize with lists, log mileage, keep a journal, set a budget, rate places, convert currencies, and much more.

Holiday Cooking

Serving Sizer
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Scale favorite recipes into enough servings for your big family holiday dinners! Serving Sizer converts recipe ingredients to alternative serving sizes and proportions.  Also converts between US and Metric weights and measures to tryout those international recipes.

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for desktop
New Web Application

Date, the time between two dates calculator, has finally come out of beta and been released.  The desktop version (for use via a browser) is now polished and available at  In addition, if you've migrated to an iPhone (or know someone who has), you can access a specifically formated for iPhone version of Date  The iPhone version is located at
If you visit with your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be redirected automatically.

screenshot of Date for iPhone
for iPhone

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Creative Algorithms News

We are still actively supporting the Palm OS, but as you can see, have expanded our offerings to web applications and supporting iPhone.  We have a lot of things in the works, so please let us know if you want to be informed of upcoming releases.  You can also keep up on what we are doing and thinking on our new blog, Mobile Evolution.  We welcome your visits and comments as well!

VOTEPalm Addict is holding its 2008 Reader Awards.   If you like Trip Boss, please vote for us.  Thanks!

Mobile Evolution™ blog - by Creative Algorithms
Creative Algorithms
Mobile Evolution is the name of our new blog.  The blog is a look at thoughts, insights, and experiences related to the mobile software industry.  Mobile Evolution will cover topics related to the evolving mobile space, with a dash of Web 2.0, from the perspective of a small business owner.

The intention is to give insight into what goes on at a mobile software company, as well as industry discussions, plus tips for fellow developers.  We've already posted a variety of topics from marketing mobile software (using ESD's, pricing apps), to a discussion on the fragmentation of mobile software platforms, to AppStore thoughts, to thoughts about the decline in software sales for Palm OS despite the Centro's huge successes.  Please take a look and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.  If there are topics you'd like to see, please let us know.  We also welcome your comments after the posts--discussion is always good. :)

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