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Creative Algorithms newsletter
December 2006

In this issue:
  • Did You Know?  New and Updated Trip Boss Tutorials
  • Featured software
  • Last Minute Gift Ideas
  • December Holiday Specials
  • Travel Survey
  • Palmtop User Reviews Trip Boss 2.0
  • Coming Soon!
  • PA Reader Awards
  • Recommended news sites

Featured Software

Your Calculator's
Fraction Companion

Fraction Fit
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Have you ever been frustrated trying to find a fraction that is equivalent to a decimal?  Does your calculator only provide a decimal answer?  Quickly take a decimal and find the closest fraction with Fraction Fit!  You'll see the %error as well.  Quick decimal conversion from inches to mm with one tap is also a feature of this handy application.

Do you commonly use Ohm's Law?
A Must-Have for Electrical Technicians and Engineers

Quick Ohm
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What can be better than an Ohm's Law calculator
designed by a seasoned Electrical Engineer?  Quick Ohm's simple way to complete Ohm's law calcs has special features such as autoranging, locking, and pop-up lists for SI units.

 We feature software recommendations, available
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  Holiday special coupons also
good for these titles.

Holiday Sale

We are offering Holiday Specials
for our current customers:

DECSAVE  15% off entire store
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Thank you to those who have already completed our Trip Boss and Travel Survey All customers are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.  Upon completion, a coupon for $2 off future purchases in our store will be provided as a thank you. 

Coming Soon!

New accessories store from Creative Algorithms.  Getting a new PDA/Treo for Christmas?  Don't forget to check out our new store for accessories.  Estimated launch-- January 1, 2007.

Did You Know?

New and Updated
Trip Boss Tutorials

One thing we found from our Trip Boss and Travel Survey is the need to better communicate features and to add some tutorials.  We announced a few in the November newsletter.  We'll try to address more, as they come up, in future newsletters.

Here are a few more:
Did you know...
1) You can plan legs of a road trip using Trip Boss?  Our special Trip Planner calculator in the Trip Planner tab will help you determine the distance or the time that travel from point A to B will take. We have a full tutorial on our website.

You can export expense and mileage data from Trip Boss to your desktop computer via Outlook?  We have updated our tutorial on our website.  It takes a few extra steps with Outlook, but the tutorial covers them.  We are working on an easier and better solution, which should be available in 2007....

Don't forget--a complete detailed manual for Trip Boss (and all our software) is available on our website.  It's a smart .pdf, complete with a table of contents and clickable links for easy navigation.

4) Reminder--Trip Boss has a companion-- Mobile Travel Aide.  Any mobile browser can access and get travel information such as flight status, ground transportation, weather radar, restaurant and sights info, currency rates, mapping and directions.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Give Software

Downloaded software requires no shipping!

Know someone who travels a lot? --Give them Trip Boss Travel Manager!  Check out all Creative Algorithms' software, such as Trip Boss or Date Wheel from our online store.

Don't know the recipient's Hot Sync ID?
NO PROBLEM, just enter GIFT for the Hot Sync ID at checkout. And don't forget to use your holiday coupon code.  Contact us after the gift has been given and we'll provide a proper registration code.  (Note:  the code you'll receive on your receipt will only work for a Hot Sync ID that is actually "GIFT"...)

Want something to wrap?
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You can also purchase eGifts of other software from our online store.  Go to "more info" to select the eGift option.

Trip Boss 2.0 was recently reviewed in Palmtop User magazine, issue 13.

"Trip Boss is the perfect companion, and the best in its class."
"There are a thousand uses for your PDA while travelling, but one is to track details of the trip itself: storing travel itinerary information, hotel booking details, expenses, and so on."

VOTETHANK YOU to all who voted for Trip Boss in the Palm Addict 2006 Reader Awards.   Trip Boss is looking at a close second place!  There may still be time to vote--winners will be announced on Palm Addict soon.

Some of our favorite websites to visit for PDA news, reviews, forums, and opinion:
Palm Insider
PalmInsider (English language) and its sister site PalManiac (Spanish language) are great Palm blogs that offer a well-rounded set of topics and offerings, including reviews, interviews and their own podcast.
1src is home of one of the best and most frequented Palm forums.  The site also has one of the longest running Palm podcasts, front page Palm news, and frequent and interesting editorials.

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