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In this issue:
  • Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad - updates!
  • Trip Boss Tips
  • Date Wheel Tips
  • Serving Sizer Pro Tips
  • Please nominate us in 2010 Best App Ever Awards
  • Mobile Evolution blog: Trip Boss Evolution - design insight

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Tips for using
Trip Boss
Exporting Photo Receipts

Did you know you can export photo receipts?
Receipts can be emailed individually by tapping on the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen below.  Receipts can be batch copied and emailed by using "File Sharing" in iTunes: Sync your device with iTunes. In iTunes, you will see the receipt files in file sharing. You can copy these to your computer and email them from there. Due to size constraints of a mobile device, it's not yet possible to batch email from within Trip Boss
photo receipt

Tips for using
  Date Wheel
Count down to an important event  
Did you know you set up a countdown to an important event with Date Wheel?      

Here's how:

1) Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date
2) Lock End Date
3) Start Date automatically updates daily to current date
4) Duration automatically decrements daily

More tips and tricks can be found on our website.

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Serving Sizer Pro
Recipe Cards
for iPad

available on AppStore

ver. 1.2.1 (Released):
✔ NEW Categories Done Right - Organize your recipes by multiple categories. Add your own, or edit default categories and subcategories. Quickly drill down to find exactly what you're looking for. (customer request)
✔ NEW Air Printing - with iOS 4.2 update. Print out recipes with photos on AirPrint-capable printers.
✔ NEW Photos - Add a photo to your recipe, email or print. (customer request)
✔ NEW Cooking Mode - put your recipe in full-screen mode and screen will not turn off while cooking.
✔ NEW for iOS 4.2: File sharing in iTunes for additional database backups, multitasking.
✔ NEW icon
✔ Misc. bug fixes and enhancements

ver. 1.2.2 (in Review):
✔ NEW Added ability to exclude categories (e.g. "not Carbohydrate").
✔ Revised icons in the top bar: recipe card to edit recipe, recipe box to view cards and categories.

ver. 1.2.3 (pending release):
✔ Expansion of where app looks for photos (currently only can import from "Saved Photos"). Will expand to entire photo library.
✔ Fixing a refresh issue when dealing with photos. Currently Serving Sizer needs to be closed (when multitasking) to view newly imported photos in "Saved Photos" folder.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback--we strive to keep the improvements coming!

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Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad,
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Tips for using
Serving Sizer Pro for iPad
Did you know that the new Cooking Mode keeps the iPad on while cooking?  Cooking Mode is enabled just by viewing the recipe in full screen mode Tap the full screen icon:

How do I add a photo?  Just tap on the photo area on the index card editing page (starts with "no photo"). A popover will prompt you to select a photo from the "Saved Photos" folder. (Update pending to expand to entire photo library.)

Did you know you can add lines of text within ingredients without an amount? Examples of this would be:
"salt, to taste"
"pinch of salt"
"butter, as needed"
or even a separator of dashed lines:
Here's how:
1) Tap "Add new ingredient".
2) Enter 0 (zero) as the amount.
3) Pick "Items". (This will keep something like "0 cups" from showing up.)
Add an new ingredient name with the text you want to see, even dashes.
5) Tap outside the popover to accept. 
No amount will appear next to the ingredient text.

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