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In this issue:
  • Please Nominate us for the Best App Ever awards
  • New App: Tip Boss tip calculator
  • App Updates
  • Tip: Backing Up Databases and copying to another device
  • Tip: Use Categories to Set Up a Holiday Dinner Menu
  • How To: Adding new Recipe Card Designs
  • Blog: Dissecting the AppStore

New App release
Tip Boss icon
Tip Boss tip calculator

Tip boss is the tip calculator that is built in the Trip Boss expense module, but we've now made it available as a separate app.  Give it a try, you'll find it a very intuitive tip calculator. Simple, easy to use. Tip Boss.

App Updates

Recipe Manager icon 
Recipe Manager with
Serving Sizer

for iPad
(formerly Serving Sizer Recipe Cards)

available on AppStore

ver. 1.4.3:
✔ Updated for iOS6 and with Retina graphics.
✔ New recipe card style! Home Sweet Home. Personalize your cards with custom card styles, available through the artist's pallet icon on the edit screen--Add More Styles, free and for in-app purchase. More styles forthcoming...
✔ Renamed app to "Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer(TM)" better communicate the feature set. (formerly called "Serving Sizer Recipe Cards")
✔ Bug fixes, including one that could lead to duplicate categories. (Please contact us if you are experiencing this issue.)
✔ Misc. bug fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

expense and budget itinerary travel journal
Trip Boss travel manager
and all modules updated
available on AppStore

ver. 4.4.0:
✔ Added support for iPhone 5 larger screen.
✔ Added support for iOS 6.
✔ New main menu screen groups modules by function.
✔ Bug fixes for iOS6.
✔ Misc. bug fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

Tips for
Recipe Manager

Use Categories to Set Up a Holiday Dinner Menu

With Recipe Manager on the iPad, you can set up categories and then search on them when you are on the recipe box screen. Oftentimes, you'll want to switch quickly between recipes when you are cooking a special meal, as there will be multiple dishes to cook. Here's a cool tip: add a new category, "Holiday" or even "Today's Menu". When selecting the recipes for the menu, add that category to the recipe on the recipe card Edit screen. Then do a Search on the recipe box screen for that category and voilà, all the recipes for that meal can be easily swapped between while cooking.

We hope to add an even better way to do this in the future, but for now, it's a convenient way to enhance your big holiday meal prep.

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2012 Best App Ever Award Nominations

Ends Today

The Best App Ever nominations are open thru December 31st.

Our app, Recipe Cards with Serving Sizer for iPad (formerly named Serving Sizer Recipe Cards) has made the finals for the past two years, thanks to your support. We hope we can count on your support again, so we're asking for your nominations! If we make finalist, we'll again ask for your vote. You can vote for multiple apps in multiple categories, so please feel free to click as many combinations as you feel are warranted. Don't wait too long, as nominations close today. To make it easier, you can vote below for Recipe Manager, Date Wheel, or Trip Boss, or visit our blog to have a look at the rest of the category options available. We've set up more convenient links there.

Best Cooking App Nominate Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad Best Cooking App
Most Useful App Nominate Date Wheel date calculator for Most Useful App
Best Travel App Nominate Trip Boss travel manager - Itinerary, Expense & Budget  for Best Travel App


Tips for using
File Sharing for Extra Backup & Database Transfer to Devices
Extra Peace of Mind and a way to Share Databases
Six of our apps have iTunes File Sharing enabled.  The benefit of File Sharing is that you can make an extra backup of the database files to your PC or Mac.  So, if a restore doesn't work properly or you accidentally delete the app off your device (which will also delete all data), you have a backup, specific to the app, that's been saved to the side that can be put back onto your device.  Sometimes doing upgrades to the iOS can be daunting, but with File Sharing, that extra backup can give you the comfort that your data is extra safe.

In addition, if you have the same app on other devices, you can use File Sharing to move the data to the other device.  Just be careful, because it will completely overwrite any existing data, so be sure you have not added any new data to the app on the device you are copying the backup to.  This is not a data sync, but an overwrite.

Apple has a good tutorial on their website, which is applicable to both iPad and iPhone apps. As always, data backups are only as good as your last sync with iTunes, so we recommend syncing often, or after you've entered a lot of new data. 

Please visit our app help pages for FAQ's like the tips and tricks above. As we get questions, we try to list them on our website for your convenience. We also respond rather quickly, so please feel free to email us with your questions or feedback.

How To: Adding New Custom Recipe Card Design Styles
Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer
for iPad
To change a recipe card design style, visit the Edit Recipe Card screen (the index card icon).  On the bottom toolbar, you'll find an Artist's Palette icon.  Tap this icon to bring up the popover.

Pick a recipe card style for your recipe. All available cards will appear in the list. Switch between the options until you find one you like and tap outside the popover to dismiss it.

Tap Add More to select more designs.  Included are two free colored card packs, based on index card color packs.  Tap on the Free button to install them. Also free is a sample from the Fall Leaves pack. 

Three for-purchase packs are available for 99c each (one new!). Tap on the price tag to buy these using your iTunes account.  We've put a snapshot of each card on our website if you'd like to preview them before buying.

More card designs are on the way. Hope you enjoy the new way to personalize your recipe collection!

More app tips & tricks available in past newsletters.

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