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In this issue:
  • Awards All Around!
    • Serving Sizer: finalist Best Cooking App
    • Trip Boss: Best Travel app
    • Serving Sizer: iMum top 10
    • Babble Top 50
  • Best App Ever voting is now open
  • Recipe Import is Coming!
  • Tips: Entering Unique Recipe Ingredients - Serving Sizer
  • Tips: Date Wheel - Project Planning
  • Blog: Marketing Apps

PA Reader AwardsTrip Boss
travel manager

Best Travel App
for the iPhone /
iPod Touch

PA Reader awards

Trip Boss also got some voting action, thanks to you, our loyal customers! Voting over the year landed us the PA Reader awards Award of Excellence for the Best Travel App for the iPhone/iPod touch.  Die-hard Palm users also voted for us and Trip Boss took top travel accolades for that platform as well.  Thank you for your continued support for Trip Boss! 

Haven't tried Trip Boss yet?

Find out why everyone is raving about it:
Trip Boss for iOS comes in four "flavors" and is customizable to your travel needs by adding only the modules you want.
budget expenses
currency converter tip calculator itinerary
travel time calculator travel journal in-app Store

Expense * Budget * Itinerary
Currency Converter * Tip Calc
Journal * Travel Time Calculator

available on the AppStore

"Without a doubt, the best travel expense app out there...Trust me, I've used them all."-Volente13, AppStore reviewer

"Fantastic! This is one thorough and very comprehensive App...."-R.H. AppStore reviewer

* We recommend picking one app and customizing with in-app purchase. While you can buy each app separately, you'll lose any benefits gained by sharing data between the modules.
More modules coming soon.

theiMum.comServing Sizer Recipe Cards named #5 in The Top 10 Highest User Rated Apps of 2011
by the iMum

More user love--we really appreciate you guys! Have a look at the iMum for some great app ideas for families.

Babble Top 50 2011
Top 50 Food Apps
for Moms
Serving Sizer
Recipe Converter

Babble, a top parenting website, named Serving Sizer Recipe Converter (for iPhone) in the Top 50 Food Apps for Moms. Serving Sizer placed #9 in the Kitchen Tools sub-category.

Tips for
Date Wheel

Date Wheel project planning

With Date Wheel, you determine a project start date:
  • Select an End Date
  • Enter project duration
  • Start Date automatically updates to start date for target completion
  • Tap the "+" to name and save the plan for future reference
Use Date Wheel for project planning, counting down to an important date, or any time you need to know the time between two dates.

available on AppStore

More app tips & tricks available in past newsletters.

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Serving Sizer Recipe
Cards for iPad
2011 Best App Ever
Best Cooking App
Vote for Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for Best Cooking App

Last month we asked you to nominate our apps for the 2011 Best App Ever awards. Thanks to your nominations, Serving Sizer Recipe Cards was selected as a Finalist for Best Cooking App! We're thrilled to be included with a great group of apps. Now we ask one more favor--please vote for Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for the Best Cooking appVoting is open until Jan. 25th, 2012.  Fingers crossed! Thanks!

Recipe Cards screenshot

available on the AppStore

Recipe Import is coming!

You asked, we listened. We're working hard on adding import features to Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad. The import will help import recipes from websites, email, and other iPad docs without having to manually copy/paste. The import feature will also eliminate the need to add the ingredients separately.

FeedbackWe've also got many ideas for new features from all your feedback. Please feel free to contact us (easy links from within our apps' about pages) and let us know what you'd like to see. Feedback from customers makes it much easier to determine and prioritize future app updates!  Thank you!

If you like our apps and/or our service, please leave a rating or review on the AppStore. Lots of ratings/reviews send a positive message about our quality, which helps our sales, which allows us to better focus on bringing you great apps and updates.

Tips for Entering Unique Recipe Ingredients
Serving Sizer Recipe Cards
for iPad and Pro for iPhone

One of the unique things about our Serving Sizer apps is the ability to resize your recipes to family or guest sizes.  The app uses SmartScalingTM to optimize the results--factoring to the measures you'd use in your kitchen.  Serving Sizer also has a picklist method for "smart" ingredient entry, which makes it easier to quickly tap in the ingredient list and lends itself to the method for scaling algorithms (and future planned features).

However, sometimes entering certain ingredients leaves some users scratching your heads. Plus,
because of built-in flexibility, there are some cool tricks that we'd like to share. (Directions below are specific to iPad entry, but the tricks also work on the Pro version on the iPhone):

Adding a dashed row separator:

Here's how:
1) Tap "Add new ingredient".
2) Enter 0 (zero) as the amount.
3) Pick "Items". (This will keep something like "0 cups" from showing up.)
4) Add an new ingredient name with the text/characters you want to see, such as dashes.
5) Tap outside the popover to accept.
No amount will appear next to the ingredient text.

This also works when you want to add ingredients without an amount, like:
"salt, to taste"
"pinch of salt"
"butter, as needed"

Adding "cans" or "packages":

What if you want to add "two 14.5 oz. cans of green beans?" Or add "two packages of spaghetti" or "two 1 lb. bars of chocolate?" You have a couple of choices.  If you want to resize in the future based on the Quantity of items, enter the ingredient this way:

1) Tap "Add new ingredient".
2) Enter 2 as the amount.
3) Pick "Items". (This selector is generic for a quantity vs a measurement.)
4) Add an new ingredient name by tapping the "+" in the popover. From the above examples, name it "14.5 oz. cans of green beans" or "packages of spaghetti" or "1 lb. bars of chocolate".  Ingredient names can be as long as you like.
5) Tap outside the popover to accept.

6) Resizing will alter the quantity.

Alternately to have the app resize based on the Amount, enter this way:

1) Enter the total amount, (i.e. 2 x 14.5 oz = 29 oz) "29" and the measure "ounces" (pick Weight)
2) Choose an ingredient, "green beans".
3) Resizing will alter the amount.

Adding ingredient specific directions:

Ingredient names are flexible, so you can add any sized mini-directions as part of the ingredient name.
1) Tap "Add new ingredient".
2) Enter amounts.
3) Add an new ingredient name by tapping the "+" in the popover. Name it "onions, chopped" or "heavy cream, whipped for 2 minutes" or "eggs, separated".
4) Tap outside the popover to accept.

Please visit our app help pages for FAQ's like the tips and tricks above. As we get questions, we try to list them on our website for your convenience. We also respond rather quickly, so please feel free to email us with your questions or feedback.

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