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Creative Algorithms newsletter

In this issue:
  • Please Vote for us in the Best App Ever awards
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Can I Sync Across devices?
    • How do I import recipes?
    • Why isn't the end date included in the date calculation?
    • Why can't I see Date
  • Tip: Use Date Wheel to set up a countdown
  • How To: Closing Apps You're Not Actively Using (saves on memory)
  • Recommended Website: The iMums

Most Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions

Q: How can I sync my data across devices?
A: All our apps with data are set up for File Sharing in iTunes. With File Sharing, you can copy database information from one device to another. This is not a true sync, but an overwrite, but it works well if you designate one device as a "master" and rest as receiving devices. File Sharing is also a great way to create a backup of your databases, outside of the full restore set up in iTunes or iCloud backup.

Here's how:
1) Connect the Master device to iTunes. On the Apps tab, find File Sharing, and scroll down to the appropriate app (Recipe Manager/Serving Sizer/Trip Boss).
2) Copy the database to your computer. (ss.db or tb.db). Apple has a good tutorial on their website, which is applicable to both iPad and iPhone apps.

3) Connect the Receiving device to iTunes. Using File Sharing copy (and overwrite) the database back into iTunes.
4) Sync the device to move the file over.

Now the data is on both devices!

: The database for Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer (iPad) and Serving Sizer Pro (iPhone) is designed the same, so you can copy between the two apps.

Q: How do I import recipes?
A: You can import recipes using copy/paste from the internet, email, or any iOS docs that support copy. We recommend pasting into the Directions area. That way you are done. You can cook and view the recipe just fine (the whisk icon on iPad, the card icon on iPhone). When you are ready to scale the recipe, then you would need to add the ingredients in the separate area.  We do recognize that this is not optimum, so we are working on a more streamlined import solution. This feature is taking longer than expected, but it is closer to completion than ever.

Q: Why isn't the end date included in the date calculation on Date Wheel?
A: The standard convention is to not to include the end date in time between two dates calculations. However, we do recognize that some people would rather include the end date.  In the settings (gear icon) in Date Wheel, you can opt to include the end date in the calculation.

Q: Why can't I see Date
A: If you have recently updated your Internet Explorer browser, you may have to run the date calculator website in Compatibility View. Microsoft explains how to do it here.  Date Wheel is available for your browser for free by visiting There is also a mobile version--visit the website on your phone and click "mobile version". Date can be used in multiple languages and localizations. Click on the settings icon to pick yours.

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2012 Best App Ever Award Voting

Ends Today

The Best App Ever nominations are open thru January 31st.

Our app, Recipe Cards with Serving Sizer for iPad (formerly named Serving Sizer Recipe Cards) has made the finals again this year, in TWO categories, thanks to your support. Trip Boss Expense & Budget also made finalist, for the first time, in the Best Financial App category.

Now we need your votes in these categories. Please don't wait too long, as voting closes today. To make it easier, you can vote for Recipe Manager (for Best Cooking App and Best Parenting App), and Trip Boss (Best Financial App)
using the convenient links below.

Best Cooking AppVote for Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad for Best Cooking App
Best Parenting App Vote for Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad for Best Parenting App
Best Financial App Vote for Trip Boss Expense & Budget travel manager for Best Financial App


Tip: Use Date Wheel to set up a Countdown
 countdown screenshot

With Date Wheel, you can countdown to an important event:
  • Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date
  • Lock End Date
  • Start Date automatically updates daily to current date
  • Duration automatically decrements daily
available on AppStore

For more the tips and tricks and FAQ's visit our app help pages for FAQ's or past newsletters. As we get questions, we try to list them on our website for your convenience. We also respond rather quickly, so please feel free to email us with your questions or feedback.

How To: Closing Apps You're Not Actively Using
Too Many Sleeping Apps can Affect Memory and Performance
When you open an app on the iPad and the iPhone, it stays open when you launch a new app, but it sleeps, until you or the operating system closes it (or you launch it again). The operating system will close it when it needs memory, when your memory is at max. However, sometimes this is not handled very well and apps can act up or things can run slow, since your memory is at always at maximum use. 

It's good to periodically close out the apps you haven't used in a while.  If you have not done this before, here's how:

1) Close the app you are using, so you are on the launcher screen of apps.
2) Double click the Home button. A tray of apps will appear at the bottom.
3) Scroll through to find an app that's acting up (that you want to close/reset) or find an app you aren't using. 
4) Tap and hold the icon until the icons in the tray start to wiggle. A minus "-" sign appears in the corner of the icon.
5) Tap the minus sign on all the apps you wish to close completely.
6) Double click the Home button again to close the tray and you are done!

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Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer
(formerly Serving Sizer Recipe Cards)
 Trip Boss travel manager

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