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Happy New Year!

In this issue:
  • Best App Ever nominations open
  • 2013 Most Frequently Asked Questions:
    • How do I update to iOS7 without losing my data?
    • How do I move my data to a new device? or Can I copy my data across devices?
    • How do I backup my data?
    • How do I import recipes from the web?
  • Best Tips of 2013
    • Adding new ingredients
    • Setting up a countdown
  • Getting help: Just Ask!
  • Neat Gift Idea

2013 Most Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions

Q: How do I update to iOS7 without losing data?

A: The first thing you should do is a backup before updating to new iOS releases. You can backup using iCloud Backup or connecting your device to iTunes and performing a backup. When you update the operating system, your device is completely wiped and then restored from the backup. iCloud backup is best if you are doing the update directly on the device.  If you do not have a backup set up, a pseudo backup is made by the device for that purpose only, but based on feedback we've received, this backup type is very buggy and often results in lost data across various apps. So, please, always do a backup first! 

Here's some reference material from Apple on setting up backups:

We also offer iTunes File Sharing for all our apps with databases, so you can backup a copy of the database directly to your computer and use it to reinstall if anything goes awry during an iOS update.

Q: How do I move my data to a new device? or Can I copy my data across devices?
A: All our apps with data are set up for File Sharing in iTunes. With File Sharing, you can copy database information from one device to another. This is not a true sync, but an overwrite, but it works well if you designate one device as a "master" and rest as receiving devices. File Sharing is also a great way to create a backup of your databases, outside of the full restore that is set up in iTunes or iCloud backup. 

If you have a new device, the app will transfer using the AppStore, but the data will not. You have to copy the data over by performing a Restore from Backup (for all app data), or by transferring the database via iTunes File Sharing.

Here's how:
1) Connect the Master (or old) device to iTunes. On the Apps tab, find File Sharing, and scroll down to the appropriate app (Recipe Manager/Serving Sizer Pro/Trip Boss).
2) Copy the database to your computer. (ss.db or tb.db). Apple has a good tutorial on their website, which is applicable to both iPad and iPhone apps.

3) Connect the Receiving device to iTunes. Using File Sharing copy (and overwrite) the database back into iTunes.

Now the data is on both devices!

4) One last step is necessary, however. The receiving device must have the app completely closed to reload the new database. This step is important because info you add before the reload will not be saved to the database you just transferred.  Close apps in iOS7 by double clicking the Home button. Flick up the app you want to close, so it's no longer in the deck of app cards.

Note: The database for Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer (iPad) and Serving Sizer Pro (iPhone) is designed the same, so you can copy between the two apps.  The database for Trip Boss is used by all the modules, so all data is stored there.

Q: How do I backup my data: recipes or trips??
A: You can backup your files generically by syncing with iTunes, or enabling iCloud backup, but we also offer File Sharing for individual database backups for our apps. 

Follow steps 1) & 2) above to save a backup file.  Steps 3) & 4) cover how to load the backup back onto the device.

Q: How do I import recipes from the web?
A: Right now you can use copy/paste. (We are working on a feature to improve this greatly--it's getting close to completion.) Highlight the recipe text, then copy. Open Recipe Manager (or Serving Sizer Pro) and, we recommend, paste into the directions area. You can still view the recipe in cooking mode (whisk on the iPad, index card on the iPhone) and cook just fine. Cooking Mode on the iPad allows you to adjust the font and the screen won't turn off. When you are ready to scale the recipe, then you would have to enter the ingredients separately.

More questions? Email us!
support {at} creativealgorithms {dot} com

Setting up a Countdown in Date Wheel

Date Wheel calcs the
time between dates, but also does
countdowns to events

countdown screenshot

With Date Wheel, you can countdown to an important event:
  • Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date
  • Lock End Date
  • Start Date automatically updates daily to current date
  • Duration automatically decrements daily
available on AppStore

2013 Best App Ever Award Nominations

The Best App Ever nominations are open thru January 15th, 2014.

Our customers are the best, as our apps have made the finals every year in at least one category! Our app, Recipe Cards with Serving Sizer for iPad was a finalist in both the Best Cooking App and Best Parenting categories, last year.  Trip Boss Expense & Budget Manager got a nod for Best Financial App.

Let's keep the trend going! Here are a few quick links to take you directly to the nominations for categories we're suggesting. You can nominate for multiple apps in multiple categories, so nominate away! Thanks so much for your support of our apps!!!!

Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer
Best Cooking App:

Most Useful App:

Best Parenting App:

Trip Boss travel manager
Best Travel App:

Trip Boss Expense & Budget
Best Financial App:

Date Wheel date calculator
Best Business App:

Best Productivity App:

Best Task Management App:

Nominations are open until Jan.14, then once finalists are announced, voting will open until March 1st. Watch our blog for links to vote!

Thank you!!!

Tip: Adding New Ingredients

 adding ingredients screenshot

With Recipe Manager (iPad) and Serving Sizer Pro (iPhone), you can add your own ingredients, if you don't find them in the pick list of over 500 ingredients.  Adding a new ingredient also works for adding a mini instruction to an ingredient, like "chopped" or "minced" or "to taste".

The iPad and iPhone have similar ways to add ingredients--just tap the "+" in the popover (iPad) or at the top of the All Ingredients screen (iPhone). 

On the iPad, you can search for an ingredient (like "onion"), then if it does not come up, just tap "+" to add the new ingredient.  The text you've already typed is remembered, so all you have to do is finish it. In the above example, if I want to add "onion, minced" I can tap "+", then add ", minced" to what I've already started ("onion").  Tap outside the popover to accept the ingredient.

On the iPhone, you can do a search, but if you do not find the ingredient, tap "Cancel" then "+". The app remembers what you typed, so just finish up the name and tap the blue Done button by the keyboard.

available on AppStoreRecipe Manager with Serving Sizer (iPad):

available on AppStore
Serving Sizer Pro (iPhone):

For more the tips and tricks and FAQ's visit our app help pages for FAQ's or past newsletters. As we get questions, we try to list them on our website for your convenience. We also respond rather quickly, so please feel free to email us with your questions or feedback.

Getting Help: Just Ask!
Check out the little "i" button within each app. For quick, basic help, tap "Find Help for..." to see our help webpage. Otherwise, just tap "Contact us via email" and send us a short note. With few exceptions we respond no later than 2 business days (and more often MUCH quicker). Ask away. Share what you'd like to see. We're listening.

Neat Gift Idea

The holidays are over, but we'd like to share a cool gift idea one of our customers shared with us. 

One aunt has a bunch of nieces and nephews who are off to college. As they embark on this new part of their lives, they will need to start fending for themselves.  Of course, the norm is students to have some sort of iPad, so Recipe Manager is a natural fit.

Their aunt is gifting the Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer app to them, but the cool part is that she can also give them a copy of her recipe database--filled with all sorts of family recipes and easy to make recipes for college students.  The recipes can be scaled to one, or two, or a fraternity feast, depending on for how many they are cooking.

The database ss.db can be exported using iTunes File Sharing (see above), then the file emailed to them for them to reverse the process and get onto their iPads.

New recipes can be emailed to them, plus, once we release the next update, those emailed recipes can be quickly imported with a touch of a button in the email. 

What a great way to hand down the family recipes and set up those newbie cooks with a good start!  Thanks for sharing!

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