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Creative Algorithms newsletter

In this issue:
  • A Journal for Trip Boss travel manager now available!
  • Updates:  Trip Boss apps & Serving Sizer Recipe Cards
  • Facebook support for A Journal for Trip Boss is in Review
  • Tips for using Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad
  • Setting up a Countdown in Date Wheel
  • Getting Back to Nature (blog post)

Trip Boss travel manager

ver. 4.2.0 & 4.2.1:
✔ New app icons for Itinerary and Itinerary, Expense & Budget.
Added new Journal module, available for in-app purchase.  Features include:
    * Enter text in portrait or landscape mode.
    * Extra keyboard keys for emoji-like graphic symbols.
    * Choose different fonts for each entry.
    * Add photos with titles and captions.
    * View photos in portrait and landscape modes.
    * Note weather.
    * Email or print journal or photos.
    * Export journal photos to "Photos" app or via iTunes file sharing.
Added tip/split and currency converter modules for in-app purchase within Itinerary module.
Added ability to add new trips from inside budget, expense, itinerary, and journal modules.
Added landscape support for note data entry screens.
Changed overridden rates to appear in red in exchange rates viewer.
Misc. bug fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback--we strive to keep the improvements coming!
Serving Sizer
Recipe Cards
for iPad
available on AppStore
ver. 1.2.5:
Bug fixes:
Fixed hang on cooking screen when original serving size was zero.
Fixed problem with Directions position when using international keyboards.

In Review:
Facebook upload for Journal
available soon in all Trip Boss apps'
Journal module

ver. 4.2.2 (in review):
Added "Publish to Facebook" feature for Journal entries and photos:
Easily share your vacation with friends & family.
Post journal entries with photos to Facebook--creates a note with photos and a trip photo album.
Post individual photos to Facebook with captions and titles.

Tired of the tedious work of publishing your trip adventures and photos to Facebook?

In just a few taps, you can upload each journal entry with photos to Facebook, right from your iPhone--it doesn't get any easier than that!

Look for the update soon!

Tips for using
Date Wheel
Creating a Countdown

Did you know you can create a countdown to an event with Date Wheel?

Date Wheel countdown screenshot

Here's how:

1) Add a new calc by tapping on "+". Name it.
Enter date of important event for End Date.
3) Lock End Date by tapping on the lock icon.
4) Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date.
5) Start Date will automatically update daily to current date whenever you view it.
6) The
Duration will automatically decrement daily, counting down to your special day.

Try counting down to the holidays, to a wedding,  or to the due date of your new baby.

available on AppStore

A Journal for Trip Boss
Travel Manager
A Journal for Trip Boss
Journal screenshot

Keep memories, thoughts, photos, and details of your trips.  Journal for Trip Boss travel manager is finally released!  It's filled with loads of features, from adding multiple photos, to picking fonts, to adding extra emoji-like keys like smilies, to noting weather, to getting location, and coming soon, posting to Facebook.
note weather and set fonts
Multiple authors makes for a fun way to record family memories from all family members.

Business travelers will find Journal useful for documenting trip details for trip reports to the boss.

Enter text in portrait or in landscape. Use the time stamp each time you make an entry.  Record memories to reflect later or to use for future repeat trip planning.

Email the whole journal for a backup or to share. Email or print separate journal entries. Set attributes such as author, date, location. Add photos and set titles, captions, and photographer.

A Journal for Trip Boss is sold separately, or can be purchased via in-app purchase from within all the previously released Trip Boss apps:  Expense & Budget, or Itinerary, or Itinerary, Expense & Budget (a combo of two apps). 

available on AppStore

New to Trip Boss? You can purchase all the other modules from within Journal.  Not sure where to
in-app Storestart? Check our our new Overview page that includes a chart of all available modules and in-app purchases.

If you decide to buy,
please leave a review.
We always love getting
customer feedback!

Tips for using
Serving Sizer Recipe Cards
Pro for iPad
Using Categories

As you enter the recipes, you can designate many categories, from type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), to courses, to main ingredient, to dietary restrictions. We've included a large list of Sections with Categories. You can add to or delete these defaults to your personal preferences.

When searching for recipes, you can narrow down your list using these categories. Start by visiting the recipe box page. If you are in landscape, the category list appears in a sidebar. If you are in portrait, tap the categories button and a popover of the categories appears.
Details and screenshots are on the help page on our website.

How do categories actually filter?
1) By checking multiple Categories within a Section, you ADD to the number of recipes displayed.  For example, check Lunch and Dinner in the Meal section and BOTH lunch and dinner recipes are shown.
2) By checking multiple Categories in different Sections, only categories that satisfy both section's criteria are shown, SUBTRACTING from the list. Using the above example, I then add a check in the Courses section for Side Dish, and only lunch and dinner side dishes are displayed.
3) Tap a Category twice to Exclude a category. (Symbolized by a
circle with a diagonal line thru it.) Recipes in this category are filtered out. This feature is helpful when you want all Categories except one in a Section.

Help, it appears I've lost recipes!
Most likely some categories are still selected, so some (or perhaps all) recipes are not shown. You will see a filter icon:  Tap on it to view the categories you are filtering by. To "clear" all filters, tap on the CLEAR button next to it.
You will be prompted to confirm.  Select "Clear Selections" and all your recipes should reappear.

available on AppStore

More tips & tricks available in past newsletters.

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