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Creative Algorithms newsletter

In this issue:
  • Serving Sizer Pro new release on the AppStore
  • Software updates
  • Date Wheel Tips
  • Trip Boss is forthcoming!
  • Trip Boss pre-feedback
  • New Facebook fan page--become a fan!
  • New Award for Trip Boss 
  • Mobile Evolution blog

Available Updates:

Serving Sizer recipe converter
for iPhone

available on AppStore

ver. 2.0.0 (pending release):
Updated graphics for measurement screen.
Updated about page with more links.
Misc. optimizations, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Date Wheel date calculator
for iPhone

available on AppStore

ver. 1.4.0 (pending release):
Added "include end date in duration" to settings. (customer request)
Fixed more info "i" button. Was difficult to activate. Added more links to about page.
(customer report/request)
Misc. enhancements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

Tips for using
  Date Wheel
Track age with Date Wheel  

Did you know you can track the age of our baby (or your project) with Date Wheel?  Here's how:

1) Lock the Start Date.
2) Tap on the Today for the End Date
3) End date updates to current date, automatically incrementing the Duration daily
4) Tap on the units to switch to Months/Days

Try tracking the length of a project in process, age of equipment put into service for depreciation purposes, or your own age.

More tips and tricks can be found on our website.

Trip Boss
is next!

We're starting work on the rollout of Trip Boss for iPhone. We've toyed with lots of ideas on the best solution for this new platform.  We want to:

1) start by getting out something soon and
2) try to add many new features that are now possible with the iPhone platform.

So we are going to rollout Trip Boss in phases, but at each phase you will be able to add on the new piece, so all the pieces work together and share data, like Trip Boss for Palm.  The great thing is you only have to add only the compenents you want (a long-standing customer request), like an ala-carte app.

Pre-feedback Requested!

It's difficult to improve apps without customer feedback. We'd like to hear from you so we keep the features you want, add new ones you desire, and rollout all the parts in the right order.

Please send us your input (even if you do not own an iPhone)--you can use our customer service form, @reply via Twitter, or post on our Facebook wall.

Here's a set of questions to get you thinking:

1) What part of Trip Boss do you want first?
2) What features are absolutely essential to you?
3) What improvements would you like to see?
4) What cool iPhone features should we incorporate? (i.e. photo receipts)?

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback!

  Serving Sizer Pro
recipe converter
and cookbook
on iPhone

available on AppStore
New Release

Creative Algorithms' is pleased to announce the release of Serving Sizer on the AppStore, for iPhone and iPod Touch. This practical cookbook app does what your regular cookbook can't--instantly scales recipes for the number of dinner guests.  Customize recipes for families, couples, large or small groups. Also converts between Metric & US measures.

Have you ever wanted to:
  • Upsize 4-serving recipes to your family of 5?
  • Make a 6-serving dish to feed 14 holiday dinner guests?
  • Downside a recipe to dinner for one?
  • Cater for a crowd of 100, using a scaled-up, 8-serving favorite family recipe?
  • Make recipes from a cookbook you bought in another country, but the ingredient units aren't what you're used to?
Serving Sizer Pro takes the concept to a more practical level--enter your entire recipes and resize anytime.

Entry is a snap with 600+ preloaded ingredients or add your own. Beautifully  designed graphic sliders help you quickly select amounts and units.
Tap on the recipe card icon to get a scrollable view of the whole recipe and start cooking!

available on AppStore

If you decide to buy,
please leave a review
We always love getting
customer feedback!

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Another Award
for Trip Boss
2009 Palm Addict Reader Award
Trip Boss was recently awarded the 2009 Palm Addict Reader Award for Best Travel Software for PalmOS.

Thanks to all who voted for us!

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