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Creative Algorithms newsletter

In this issue:
  • Trip Boss now available in three starter flavors, fourth coming soon!
  • Sneak Peak at: A Journal for Trip Boss
  • Updates:  Trip Boss apps
  • Tips for using Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad
  • Dual Navigation in Trip Boss (Trip Boss tips)
  • Feedback for Serving Sizer improvements?
  • Designing the Right Icons and Graphics for your apps (blog post)

A Journal for Trip Boss
Sneak Peek
A Journal for Trip Boss
journal sneak peek

With Trip Boss Journal, multiple authors can record travel thoughts during each trip. Add photos, note the weather, get location. Facebook support, export the whole trip journal to further process off device, if you like.

Great for vacations or detailed business trip reports.

Journal will be sold separately or as an add-on within each Trip Boss app via in-app purchase.

Trip Boss travel manager

ver. 4.1.1 & 4.1.2:
✔ Fixed bug on the exchange rate screens concerning overrides of home currencies.
Changed overridden rates to appear in red in exchange rates viewer.
Fixed a bug in Travel Time calculator that caused the speed and duration values to sometimes be recalculated incorrectly.
Added support for new bank exchange rate format.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback--we strive to keep the improvements coming!

Tips for using
Trip Boss
Dual Navigation

Did you know that all the Trip Boss apps offer Dual Navigation?

You can use the main launcher screen
(see above) to navigate between modules, which will list all the trips by module.  OR, you can stay in one trip (accessed through Trips icon) and navigate each module within the trip, which may seem more natural while you're on your trip.   

navigate by trip
Navigation by Trips

navigate by module
Navigation by Module (colored orbs indicate expense report submission status)

Updating Serving Sizer
We're making plans for a big update to Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards on the iPad.  Thanks to everyone for the continuing stream of great feature suggestions. If you want your two cents, please feel free to drop us an email:
support (at) creativealgorithms (dot) com
Without your feedback, it's much more difficult to continuously improve our products!

Thank you!

Trip Boss
Travel Manager

Three Flavors
available modules

We've been hard at work, readying apps for your to use during the summer (northern hemisphere) travel season. We're confident you'll want to have all the pieces of Trip Boss travel manager eventually, but we also know you would probably like to try things first, then add on what you like. With that in mind, we've crafted three (fourth coming soon) versions for you to start your travel managing. Each app* has in-app purchase so you can add additional modules.

Expense & Budget

budget tip calculator currency converter
This module is heavily focused on tracking expenses (with fuel economy tracking built in). Perfect for the business traveler, but flexible enough for going on holiday. The budget function is perfect for a family vacation, or for a business project.  It's international, with built in real-time currency support and a bonus currency calculator.  You can even use the tip calculator when you're not traveling.
available on AppStore


travel time calculator
This module is for itinerary planning, from micro-plans such as golf outings, shopping, and snorkeling, to the basics, like flights, hotels, and restaurant reservations.  Keep track of everything you plan to do, even daily route plans, using our convenient travel time calculator. This module is heavily linked to Expense & Budget, as you can quickly log your plane ticket expense, right from within itinerary.
available on AppStore

Itinerary, Expense, & Budget

Know you want both modules right away? Forgo in-app purchase and buy them both at once with this app option.
available on AppStore

in-app Store* We recommend picking one app and customizing with in-app purchase. While you can buy each app separately, you'll lose any benefits gained by sharing data between the modules.

If you decide to buy,
please leave a review.
We always love getting
customer feedback!

Tips for using
Serving Sizer Pro for iPad
A few worth repeating
Did you know you can add lines of text within ingredients without an amount? Examples of this would be:
"salt, to taste"
"pinch of salt"
"butter, as needed"
or even a separator of dashed lines:
Here's how:
1) Tap "Add new ingredient".
2) Enter 0 (zero) as the amount.
3) Pick "Items". (This will keep something like "0 cups" from showing up.)
Add an new ingredient name with the text you want to see, even dashes.
5) Tap outside the popover to accept. 
No amount will appear next to the ingredient text.

Can I share recipes between my two iPads?

One customer (thanks George!) pointed out that you can use File Sharing to copy the backed up cooking database onto a second iPad, using the backup method we mentioned a few months ago.  Just be careful, because it will completely overwrite any existing data, so be sure to only input new recipes on one of the devices. So, yes, you can share the complete database on a second iPad.  Here's a repeat of the backup method:

Making backups

Many of our apps are very data-centric and users have asked for better ways to backup data. Two of our apps, Trip Boss (iPhone), and Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards (iPad) have include a new feature, available in iOS 4.2 called "File Sharing," which allows you to make an additional backup copy of the database files from within iTunes.

This feature is great because you can copy the database to your computer and even if you delete the app you can reinstall your data again. Normally, if you delete the app, all data is deleted off your device, and in iTunes when you sync. By making an additional copy elsewhere, you can still restore the data, after reinstalling the app.

Apple has a good tutorial on their website, which is applicable to both iPad and iPhone apps. As always, data backups are only as good as your last sync with iTunes, so we recommend syncing often, or after you've entered a lot of new data.

More tips & tricks available in past newsletters. Date Wheel also has a page of tips on our website.

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