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Creative Algorithms newsletter
November 2006

In this issue:
  • Did You Know?  Trip Boss Tips and Tutorials
  • Featured software
  • Travel Survey
  • November Specials
  • Current Software Versions
  • Recommended news sites

Featured Software

2D Object and Photo Resize Calc

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Have you ever been frustrated trying to resize photos for non-standard frames?  We have!  And desktop software is no help...  Quickly use OptiSize to find the dimension and reduction ratio without a lot of trial and error!  You can also use OptiSize to calculate how many prints you can fit on a page, saving valuable photo paper.  This app is the electronic version of the old PMT wheel.  What can YOU do with OptiSize?  Check out our website for more possibilities...

Involved in Six-Sigma?
A Must-Have for Engineers

Gage Tech
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Wanna do Gage R&R on the fly?  Hate to go back to your desktop to complete stats calculations, only to find that you need to tweak your setup?  Get the results you need with Gage Tech, right on the factory floor.  Designed by an automotive Quality Manager.

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  November special coupons also
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We are offering November Specials
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Did You Know?

Trip Boss Tips and Tutorials

One thing that came out initially from our Trip Boss and Travel Survey is that we need to better communicate a few features.  We'll try to address more, as they come up, in future newsletters.

Here are a few to start:
Did you know...
1) You can export expense and mileage data from Trip Boss to your desktop computer?  We have a full tutorial on our website.

2) Trip Boss 2.0x added 300+ default places including airlines, airports (including airport codes), rental car companies, hotels, and rail, bus, and cruise lines.  Most of these default places include up-to-date contact information such as web address and phone number.  Enter the first letter, when viewing, to quickly scroll down to what you are looking for.  Upgrade (free) to 2.05 (current release) to utilize these new features.

3) You don't have to reenter your customized info such as places, types, and preferences information for each trip.  Simply use the "Copy Trip" function and you will find most everything except past data in your new trip.  NEW:  A tutorial is available on our website that covers the details of the "Copy Trip" function.

4) A complete detailed manual for Trip Boss (and all our software) is available, usually with your download, but also on our website.  It's a smart .pdf, complete with a table of contents and clickable links for easy navigation.  Discover what Trip Boss can do for you!

5) Trip Boss has a companion--Mobile Travel Aide.  Any mobile browser can access and get travel information such as flight status, ground transportation, weather radar, restaurant and sights info, currency rates, mapping and directions.   We're looking to add this directly into Trip Boss, but wanted to provide this free service without delay.  A free weblink application is also available, which acts as a bookmark directly from your launcher.

It's not too late to participate in our
Trip Boss and Travel Survey.  All customers are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.  Upon completion, a coupon for $2 off future purchases in our store will be provided as a thank you.

  Software Versions
Do you have the latest versions loaded of our software?

Trip Boss: 2.05
Date Wheel: 2.11
Serving Sizer:  1.06
Quick Ohm: 1.07
Fraction Fit: 1.04
Gage Tech: 1.03
OptiSize: 1.07
Calorie Factor: 1.08
Mobile Travel Aide: 1.0

To find out what version you are running on your PDA, launch the software and select from the drop down menu, "Options" "About...".

VOTEPalm Addict is holding its 2006 Reader Awards.   If you like Trip Boss, please vote for us.  Thanks to all who took the time to vote previously!

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