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Creative Algorithms newsletter
November 2009

In this issue:
  • Serving Sizer new release on the AppStore
  • Date Wheel for iPhone updates
  • updates
  • Date Wheel Tips
  • Accessories Store
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Mobile Evolution blog

Available Updates:

Date Wheel date calculator
for iPhone

available on AppStore

ver. 1.2.0 (released 10/24/09):
Adds settings for turning off sounds.
(customer request)

ver. 1.1.0 (released 10/2/09):
Increased number of saved calcs.
Added accessibility for visually impaired (VoiceOver).
(customer requests)
Web Applications
(desktop and mobile)

ver. 1.02 (released 9/8/09):
Support for Internet Explorer8.
Addition of Portuguese language support.

You can use in your desktop browser or mobile browser.
Works great on Blackberry, Android, Palm Pre, and Nokia smartphones.

Tips for using
  Date Wheel
Count down to an event with Date Wheel  

Did you know you can set up a countdown with Date Wheel?  Here's how:

1) Add a new calc by tapping on "+". Name it.
Enter date of important event for End Date.
3) Lock End Date by tapping on the lock icon.
4) Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date.
5) Start Date will automatically update daily to current date whenever you view it.
6) The
Duration will automatically decrement daily, counting down to your special day.

Try counting down to the holidays, to a wedding,  or to the due date of your new baby.

More tips and tricks can be found on our website.

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Serving Sizer on iPhone
  Serving Sizer on iPhone
available on AppStore
New Release

Just in in time for Holiday Cooking!

Creative Algorithms' is pleased to announce the release of Serving Sizer on the AppStore, for iPhone and iPod Touch. Serving Sizer scales recipes by serving size--enter recipe's serving size and the new number of servings and this cooking calculator will handle all the fraction math for you.

Have you ever wanted to:
  • Upsize 4-serving recipes to your family of 5?
  • Make 6-serving dish to feed 14 holiday dinners guests?
  • Downside a recipe to dinner for one?
  • As a caterer, scale up an 8-serving family favorite for a big event of 100 guests?
  • Make recipes from a cookbook you bought in Europe, but the ingredient amounts are all in metric?
Sure anyone can double a recipe, but what if you want to adjust from 8 to 10 servings?  Serving Sizer recipe converter uses the serving sizes to properly scale all your recipes recipes for you in both Metric and Imperial units for your convenience.

We've 'zazzed up the interface with aesthetically pleasing graphics and custom animations for picking ingredients.
Serving Sizer fraction picker
Please visit the AppStore to purchase Serving Sizer for iPhone.

If you decide to buy,
please leave a review
We always love getting
customer feedback!

Our Accessories Store
Bluetooth headsets Bluetooth headsets
memory cards chargers & cables

We have an accessories store on our website for your convenience--from Bluetooth, to Cases, to Chargers, to Batteries. Available for all smartphones including iPhone, Blackberry,  Android,  Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iPod.

Check out the regular accessory deals --including Price Drops! and the $4.95 bin.

Mobile Evolution™ blog - by Creative Algorithms
Creative Algorithms
Mobile Evolution is our company blog. The blog is a look at thoughts, insights, and experiences related to the mobile software industry. Mobile Evolution covers topics related to the evolving mobile space and the rise of new platforms, from the perspective of a small business owner.

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