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In this issue:
  • Trip Boss travel manager, Expense & Budget edition,  new release on the AppStore
  • Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - updates coming!
  • Date Wheel Tips
  • What's upcoming for Trip Boss
  • Tip: Finding help for apps
  • Facebook fan page--become a fan
  • Mobile Evolution blog

Upcoming Updates:

Serving Sizer Pro for iPad, recipe converter cookbook
available on AppStore

You spoke, we listened!
Thank you for your patience for this upcoming update--we had to finish Trip Boss first. Thank you for all the constructive feedback...

ver. 1.2.0 (pending release):
Categories! (customer request)
Photos (customer request)
Cooking Mode--prevents iPad from turning off
Air printing (new feature for iPad OS4.2 update)
New icon (to be revealed)
Misc. optimizations, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Please note: Similar updates to Serving Sizer Pro on iPhone will also be forthcoming.

Tips for using
  Date Wheel
Determine overdue projects with Date Wheel  
Did you know you can determine how long
a project is overdue with Date Wheel?      

Here's how:

1) Tap the Today calendar by the Start Date.
2) Enter the Project end date for the End Date
3) Duration shows negative amount--past due.
4) Tap on the units to switch between Days/Wks.

More tips and tricks can be found on our website.

What's next for
Trip Boss?

Trip Boss travel manager has a roadmap set to make it your complete travel data manager. The first release, Expense & Budget edition, is the first of many modules we intend to release. All modules will work together to provide for complete travel data synergy. Users will be able customize Trip Boss by purchasing only the modules they need or want.

We've taken all the feedback over the years and have plans to add as many requests and as much new available technology as possible to Trip Boss with each new edition.

Look for additional editions coming soon!

Need Help Using Our Apps?
using the in-app about page

Creative Algorithms' strives for excellent customer service. When you contact us, we endeavor to respond quickly, usually within a few business days.  We try to design our apps to be intuitive, but it's always possible that you will have more questions, can't figure out how to do something, or want to suggest features.

We offer several options for help from within our apps. Tap on the "i" info button from within the apps to find links.

Standard help links you will find:

Find simple help screens (iPhone formatted where applicable)

Contact us directly via email for help or to provide direct feedback.

Ways to keep informed on our software:
Link to register for newsletters
Link to follow an app on Twitter
Link to become a fan/like on Facebook
Direct link to our main website

Ways you can help us out:
Rate and/or review app on the AppStore
Recommend an app to a friend via email

Trip Boss
travel manager
Expense & Budget edition

available on AppStore
New Release

Creative Algorithms' is pleased to announce the release of Trip Boss travel manager, Expense & Budget edition, for iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • TRACK Expenses
  • SET Budgets
  • CALCULATE Tips & Meal Splits
  • CONVERT Currencies

  • Trip Boss™ travel manager modules help you manage all your travel data. Manage the whole travel experience, for Business and Personal travel, International and Domestic travel, to achieve the ultimate in travel data synergy.

    Highly configurable and flexible, this award-winning app has been completely updated, with beautiful and compelling graphics, user interface, and includes all the latest mobile goodies, such as get-location, real-time currency rates, and photo receipts.

    Log and Track Expenses in over 50 different expense categories, including mileage, or add your own.

    ✔ Real Time Currency Rates
    ✔ Photo receipts
    ✔ Export expense reports
    ✔ Track report submission status

    Set different Budgets for each trip.
    Set a vacation budget for personal travel
    Set a project budget for business travel
    ✔ Save budget templates
    Expenses automatically converted into budget's currency.

    ✔ Multitasking support on iOS4
    ✔ Support for iPhone4, iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch, & iPad (as iPhone app).

    only $4.99 USD

    available on AppStore

    If you decide to buy,
    please leave a review
    We always love getting
    customer feedback!

    PA Reader Awards
    for Trip Boss

    Trip Boss has received the PA Reader award for Best Travel Software for several years running. 2010 nominations are still open.

    Thanks to all who have voted for us in the past!

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