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Creative Algorithms newsletter

In this issue:
  • Beautiful New UI for Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad
  • iOS5 Updates:  All apps have been updated
  • Tips: File Sharing for an extra backup before upgrading
  • Getting the most out of Trip Boss
  • Tips: changing the time zone in Journal
  • Moms With Apps and AppFriday!

iOS5 Updates

All Creative Algorithms' apps updated to iOS5 compatibility
All apps have been:
Tested and updated for iOS5 compatibility.
iCloud Backup has been enabled.
✔ misc. bug fixes and optimizations

Trip Boss travel manager
ver. 4.3.0
Trip Boss Expense & Budget
ver. 4.3.0
Trip Boss Itinerary manager ver. 4.3.0
A Journal for Trip Boss ver. 4.3.0
Date Wheel date calculator ver. 1.5.2
Serving Sizer recipe converter ver. 2.0.4
Serving Sizer Pro recipe converter and cookbook ver. 1.1.4
Serving Sizer Recipe Cards Pro for iPad ver 1.4.0

In addition, the Trip Boss apps have these updates:

✔ Added print receipts feature, print all or single receipt. (expense module) (customer request)
✔ Added print itinerary feature (itinerary module)
✔ Added setting for email format (HTML/plain text) and removed email format prompt from email itinerary and email journal functions. (itinerary and journal modules)
✔ Removed zebra striping of table rows for a cleaner look.
✔ Added setting to control table transparency to improve readability. (customer request)

and Serving Sizer Pro (iPhone) received this additional update:

✔ Added iTunes File Sharing - use for extra backups

As reviews reset after every update,
please take the time to
update your review

on the AppStore.
New reviews are also much appreciated!

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback--we strive to keep
improvements coming!

Getting the Most Out
of Trip Boss

travel manager
expense & budget itinerary journal

Trip Boss travel manager is unique because you can add on extra modules through in-app purchase, putting all your travel management and coordination into one convenient app. 

In addition, the apps work together.  For example, enter your plane itinerary into the itinerary module and then add the expense, right from within itinerary.  All common data transfers and the expense shows up in the expense module.  No need for double entry.

The apps have dual navigation--view by Trips and quickly switch between all the enabled modules.  Or, enter via the specific module and view special summary data, such as status of all submitted expense reports.

Four versions of Trip Boss are offered on the AppStore.  Pick one that interests you, try it out, then add-on more modules within each app, via in-app purchase, to customize to a feature-rich travel app.

Not sure where to start?  
in-app Store Check our our Overview page that includes a chart of all available modules and in-app purchases.
We recommend picking one app and customizing with in-app purchase. While you can buy each app separately, you'll lose any benefits gained by sharing data between the modules.

If you decide to buy,
please leave a review.
We always love getting
customer feedback!

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Serving Sizer Recipe
Cards Pro for iPad
Recipe Cards screenshot

Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad has a newly updated user interface with beautiful graphics and a easy-to-use alphabetical index for your personal recipe card file.  Thumb through your cards, search by ingredient or title, or view by categories on the new recipe card box screen. 
preview icons
New navigation feature:  Tap on a recipe and view a preview card with quick action icons for deleting, printing, emailing, editing, and cooking.

available on the AppStore

Tips for using
File Sharing for Extra Backup
extra peace of mind when upgrading to iOS5

Six of our apps have iTunes File Sharing enabled.  The benefit of File Sharing is that you can make an extra backup of the database files to your PC or Mac.  So, if a restore doesn't work properly or you accidentally delete the app off your device (which will also delete all data), you have a backup, specific to the app, that's been saved to the side that can be put back onto your device.  Sometimes doing upgrades to the iOS can be daunting, but with File Sharing, that extra backup can give you the comfort that your data is extra safe.

In addition, if you have the same app on other devices, you can use File Sharing to move the data to the other device.  Just be careful, because it will completely overwrite any existing data, so be sure you have not added any new data to the app on the device you are copying the backup to.  This is not a data sync, but an overwrite.

Apple has a good tutorial on their website, which is applicable to both iPad and iPhone apps. As always, data backups are only as good as your last sync with iTunes, so we recommend syncing often, or after you've entered a lot of new data.

Tip for Changing
the Time Zone
in Journal Module
(Trip Boss)

Journal screenshot

You can designate your home Time Zone in the Trip Boss settings.  This zone is where all your time stamps start, unless you edit them in the entries.  Journal is unique because you may travel between time zones throughout the same day's entry.  For example, when we've traveled cross-country by train across the US, we quickly moved though time zones.

When the bonus keyboard row comes up, there is a "time" button to enter a time stamp in your journal entry. The time stamp starts with your default time zone you have set in Settings.  To change it, just tap on the date (i.e. Sun 29 May shown above).  A picker screen appears where you can change the date and the time zone.  After you change the zone, the "time" button will use the new zone until you change it again, or start a brand new trip.

A Journal for Trip Boss is available on the AppStore, or as an add-on in any Trip Boss app via in-app purchase.

available on AppStore
More tips & tricks available in past newsletters.

Creative Algorithms
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Featured Group Introduction:  Moms With Apps
Moms With Apps
Looking for kid- and family-friendly apps? Then look no further!
You've probably noticed the tagline at the end of our apps on the AppStore:

Creative Algorithms is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families."

Recently celebrating its two year anniversary, MomsWithApps is a premium group of developers and parents who not only develop and sell apps for kids and families, but who actively participate in the process to keep our kids' apps in line, from speaking to Congress to speaking in forums and events all over the world.

You can catch this world-wide group of active moms (and dads) with apps in the famous weekly
AppFriday promotions (tons of free and deep discounted apps every Friday) on the MWA blog, on weekly Facebook app parties (lots of promo codes) and even in the free MWA app--a catalog of our best apps for kids and families. 

This week Serving Sizer Recipe Cards will be featured on AppFriday. Don't forget to stop by Nov. 18th and pick up some quality apps at great prices!
  See you there!

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