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In this issue:
  • UPDATE news--New Entry Methods:
  • Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer on iPad
    • Web Import
    • Streamlined Paste
    • Freehand Type
    • Enhanced Dictation
    • Email Auto Import
  • Clean-up of old recipes
  • iTunes File Sharing: Backing up data, moving it to new devices.
  • Date Wheel countdowns
  • Please update your Reviews
  • New Dedicated Website for our Serving Sizer Recipe Apps
  • PROMO Codes for you! New for In-App Purchase! Try out some card styles, on us!
  • Blog Post: iTunes music

New Update in Detail
On the right hand side of the web browser import home screen, reference Help with Import if you need any detailed help with the new features.

Import from Web:

Adding Web Import of recipes was the biggest request from our customers. The update took a long time as we literally taught the app to read a recipe from a website.  Unfortunately, recipes on websites are not standardized.  Some sites do try to add some standard methods and formats, but nothing has been the accepted standard.  We have tested multiple popular websites and plan to continue, as this is a work in process. Future updates will add new sites that support the auto import feature.

To import, tap the + on the recipe box screen, select Import from Web. Enter a website in the browser, or use the convenient links provided on the home page.

Once you find a recipe you like, tap Import at the top of the browser.  The app will process the recipe and provide to you a preview.  If everything looks good, tap Import at the bottom and the recipe will be added to your box, with the ingredients and directions in their appropriate sections.  Add categories and make any other edits as necessary.


Occasionally a recipe site will not be supported. Perhaps too much advertisements, or the recipe is laid out non-standard, or a blogger inserts a lot of text between the actual recipe itself and the app isn't sure what to do. An error message will come up. Any sites you report to support@creativealgorithms will be added to our shortlist to investigate and add direct support for.  In the meantime, highlight the recipe text, then add the recipe by selecting the Paste Recipe option. 

Paste Recipe:
When copying text from an non-Recipe Manager email, any iPad text source, or a recipe website that won't auto import, tap + and select Paste Recipe. The text will paste the copied recipe from the Clipboard. You can edit is as necessary, then tap Preview. The app will format it to import. If it does not look as you intended, tap Cancel then edit, then tap Preview again. Once the recipe looks good, tap Import to bring the recipe into your box.

Type/Dictate Recipe:
If you prefer to type a freehand recipe, or to dictate a recipe, select Type/Dictate Recipe from the menu under the + on the recipe box screen. The original picklist method is still available by selecting Add New Recipe, but sometimes it's just as easy to type or dictate.  Tap Preview to see if the app will import as intended, edit, and Import. 

Auto Import from Email:
A link is now included when you email your recipes to friends and family. Click the link on your iPad email and Recipe Manager will auto import the recipe into your recipe box. Makes sharing so much easier!

More help for each import type available on our website.

Setting up a Countdown in Date Wheel

Date Wheel calcs the
time between dates, but also does
countdowns to events

countdown screenshot

With Date Wheel, you can countdown to an important event:
  • Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date
  • Lock End Date
  • Start Date automatically updates daily to current date
  • Duration automatically decrements daily
available on AppStore

New Dedicated Website for Serving Sizer Cooking Apps
With the latest update to Recipe Manager, we added a new website,  We are working on migrating all the help to this site, but for now, we have a lot of new things--the recipe site list that you access from within Recipe Manager, and a more detailed help of the new import features.

Recipe Manager Serving Sizer RM Serving Sizer

App Update
Recipe Manager icon
Recipe Manager
with Serving Sizer


available on
ver. 2.0.0:
All NEW easy ways to add recipes!
✔ Added recipe Web Import directly via new built-in browser
✔ Added Paste directly from clipboard from Copied Text
✔ Added Freehand Typing of recipes
✔ Added easier Dictation
✔ Continued support of adding recipes via ingredient database and pick lists
✔ One-click import from email sent to a friend from Recipe Manager
✔ Added clean-up feature in Settings to import ingredients from previous text pasted into directions
✔ New icon
✔ Fixed crash when adding photos with iOS 10
✔ Fixed crash when emailing recipe with missing or corrupt recipe picture
✔ Fixed crash when searching for recipes via category
✔ iOS 10 supported fully.
✔ Misc. bug fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

Tip: Clean-up of
Old Recipes

 import recipe from directions

Many of you copied recipes into the directions area, per our advice, as we were working on the better import feature.  We didn't forget, so we added a special clean-up option in the Settings.

Just tap "Import recipe from directions" and the app will clean things up for you and put the ingredients in their own column.  You'll get a chance to preview the clean-up, where you can edit if the app doesn't initially read it correctly.

iTunes File Sharing:
Backing up Data,
Moving it to New Devices
iTunes File Sharing. A powerful feature that not too many know about. Data files generated by apps can be saved on your computer, so you have a backup of just that app's files.

If you get a new iPad, you can copy the file over to the new device, if Restore from Backup doesn't do that automatically (or you want to start fresh).  The apps transfer, but the data does not always do so.

In some cases, such as our iPad/iPhone cooking apps, you can copy the file ss.db to share the recipes on two devices.  Or send the file to a friend to get them started with a ton of recipes. Our Trip Boss app also has a tb.db file. However, copying these between devices is a complete overwrite, so be careful--if you add data to a device, then copy the file to it, you'll lose anything you added. It is not a sync function.

Apple has a detailed tutorial but here's some basics to get you started:

1) Connect your device to your computer. Open iTunes.
2) Find the little device icon at the top of the lefthand side of the screen (NOT the sidebar). (It's in the same row as Library/Updates/AppStore.)
3) Click on that button. On the main window, the Summary of your device will come up. On the side bar, click on Apps (under Summary, which is highlighted). You'll see multiple screens with your app icons on it.
4) Scroll down in this window. Underneath is File Sharing.
5) You will see a list of apps supported. Find our app, click on it. On the right, under Documents, you will see a list of the files.
6) Click on the database file.
7) At the bottom of the Documents field you'll see "Save to...". Click on that and save the file to a folder of your choice. DONE!
8) When you want to copy it back over, you would click on "Add..." and reverse the process.

Backups are only as good as the last time you saved them, so it's a good idea to save after making changes.

We suggest designating one device as the "master" where you input data. If you input on both devices, one could get overwritten.

Please Update Reviews

Reviews Really Really Help
Each time we update an app, the review count resets. Positive reviews help us sell better and in turn, help us to focus on updates and enhancements, rather than other means of supplemental income. Your positive review is greatly appreciated and is a win-win for everyone!

Promo Codes!
New for in-app purchase!
Enjoy some
custom card designs
on us!
Apple has opened up promo codes for IAP. To celebrate our update, we are giving out codes for our 4 types of recipe card design packs.  Enjoy!

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Home Sweet Home Party Time


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