Baseball and wine!

Baseball and Softball has begun! 

Which is why I was at Subway at 8:30 this morning buying sandwiches for my kids to eat in the car as I shuffle from one field to the other. I know the “correct” thing to do would have been to get up and make sandwiches for the day but who has time for that!  

And like any other day in my house, everyone is up super early but god forbid we have our acts together! Next thing I know it becomes scramble mode to get both kids in uniforms, all baseball equipment in the car, change of clothes for when the first game is over and we high tail it to the next, snacks to entertain, and enough water to beat the heat! (Mom will need a drink by the end of the day!)

Then I am lucky enough to watch paint dry for the next 2 hours. My 6 year old daughter plays softball and the only entertaining thing is the bets made between the parents as to how many cartwheels we will see on the field!

Move onto my 9 year old son’s game and everything changes. His games are at the mercy of 15 year old umpire who can’t tell a strike from a hole in the ground.  But at this age, all that really matters is how far a player can spit his sunflower seeds.

All in all, it was an exhausting day of field hopping and cheering.  And to think, in less than a week, I will do it all again. I have earned a glass of wine for the day but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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