The Parent “Coach”

We have all heard about or seen that parent who “coaches” thier kid from the sideline. Or the parents who are living out their athletic dreams vicariously through they child. Or how about the parent who coaches their own kid? My husband is that parent.

He was at one time a head coach for my daughter’s t-ball team but after “coaching” the parents while at the same time trying to keep the 4 year olds from playing in the sand, he decided it was better to assist the head coach rather than be one. So he now helps with both my son’s team and my daughter’s.

As an assistant you would think it would take the burden off of him when things get heated during the game, but unfortunately, that is not the case when the head coach is kicked out!  My husband had to step in and take over after my son’s head coach was removed from the game due to his behavior. As the head coaches’ son (again, trouble when too much pressure is put on your own child) was called out for the second time in one game for trying to steal before the ball crossed homeplate, the head coach went off on the umpire. Personally, there are too many ridiculous rules to keep straight at this age group, but them again, I prefer to watch the games with my wine in my Disney mug.

I watched as the game unfolded and the umpire made snide remarks to the coach. I myself am a volleyball official and at all times, we are not to engage with coaches if things are going to get heated. We are to remain professional at all times. Unfortuntaley, this umpire did not. But the head coach let his temper get the best of him. My husband had to get between the coach and ump and physically hold the coach back. Words were exchanged and punches were almost thrown. All of this in front of the athletes.  I guess I should say that these athletes are 9 and 10 year old boys. I totally get defending your athletes and sticking up for those who can’t stick up for themselves! These kids needed someone to stick up for them. But it was a school night and all I could think about as I was watching all of this unfold was 1.) this is going to prolong the game, which is going to cut into my TV time and 2.) my Disney mug was empty, I was out of wine!

So the game ended, without any blood shed. The boys lost by 1 point. I wonder if they were affected by anyone’s behavior? Hmmmm? But at least I was able to get home and fill my cup!

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