Serving Sizer recipe converter--the Visual Design Process

We put a lot of thought into the aesthetics for our iPhone app, Serving Sizer recipe converter. We wanted the app to follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, but also set itself apart by polishing the basics to an appealing, graphically designed user interface. Let me take a little time to give insight into our design process in this post.

Serving Sizer Recipe Converter Reviewed by The iPhone Mom

We're thrilled that the The iPhone Mom recently reviewed Serving Sizer and she loves it: "...I must say that it is a TERRRIFIC tool for moms." She cites that she found it "extremely easy to use" and it eliminates the need to worry about frustrating fractions. "For me converting recipes usually involves fractions and counting on my fingers and lots of frustration. I am thrilled to have an app that’s smarter than me and is going to eliminate that frustration."

Full review is here.

Thanks iPhone Mom!

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