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About Justine Lokanis Pratt

Welcome, and thanks for reading. Here’s a bit about Justine:
I’m President/Owner of Creative Algorithms, LLC. We develop iOS Apps for the iPhone and the iPad. We also offer web hosting, website design, marketing, and graphic design via CreativeWebOutlets.com.  We are located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, USA.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.  I also have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Oakland University, Rochester, MI, with a concentration in International Business. I’m halfway through a second masters degree in Secondary Education – Visual Arts, at DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

After graduating MTU, I started work in the automotive industry at an airbag supplier, working on design of passenger side airbags.  As I moved up in the company, I joined the testing department, created a new Product Assurance Engineering department, and implemented ISO 9000.

I moved jobs to another safety supplier as a Senior Program Manager, staying with safety, but switching to seat belt engineering. I was in charge of multi-million dollar seat belt programs for Ford truck platforms. Later, I managed international cross-customer product launches, with locations in the US, Mexico, Italy, Austria, and Poland. I also started my MBA.  My Program Management responsibilities were very broad, with responsibilities ranging from financial, to timing, to engineering, to team management, to customer relations, to manufacturing.

After graduating with my MBA, I took a job in Chicago as a Plant Quality Manager for another automotive supplier. Our plant produced fog lamps.

I founded Creative Algorithms in 2003, with a partner, writing software for the then-hot Palm-powered PDA’s and Treo smartphones. Once the iPhone was released, we switched platforms to iOS, and also write iPad apps. In 2018, I took over the whole of the business.  I added web hosting, website design, marketing, and graphic design to our offerings.

You can also find me on View Justine Pratt's profile on LinkedIn and can follow me on Twitter.

About Creative Algorithms
Creative Algorithms is a developer of mobile software and web-based applications.

Our major apps are on the iOS platform: Trip Boss travel manager, Serving Sizer Recipe Manager, Serving Sizer recipe converter, and Date Wheel for iPhone, and Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad, which are all available on the AppStore.

Our popular Palm OS applications included our travel manager, Trip Boss and Date Wheel, our time-between-dates calculator. The idea for Trip Boss came from a paper logbook my family used when we were kids. We kept track of everything on our trips. Date Wheel replaced my plastic date wheel, which was one of my most used tools as a program manager at TRW. When I switched from a paper planner to a PDA, I didn’t have a place to carry my date wheel, so we wrote a Palm app.

Date Wheel also is a web application, Date Wheel.net. This application is for the desktop and also has a format for mobile. Right now the mobile link is iPhone-formatted, but works on all mobiles. One of its features is localization in several languages.

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You can also follow Creative Algorithms on Twitter, where we’ll be post quick discounts and updates. You can also join our mailing list from our main website for more in-depth newsletters and release notices. If you would like to follow specific programs, we also have a twitter feed for Date Wheel, Serving Sizer and for Trip Boss.