Date Wheel

Date Wheel(TM) and Trip Boss(TM) big winners in 2008 PalmAddict Reader Awards

Palm Addict, one of the oldest community blogs, focused on mobile, just handed out awards to two of our software titles, Trip Boss and Date Wheel.

Google Adwords and Adsense Models are Not Compatible with Web Applications

Many blogs and websites use Google Adwords to advertise their product and/or use Adsense to bring in ad revenue. The Adwords model is strongly based on HTML content of the landing page to drive its mysterious "Quality Score" for keywords. The Adsense model uses the HTML content of the website to serve applicable ads. However, as non-HTML-based web applications become increasingly popular, can this current model survive? Or will Google have to rethink their algorithm to support this type of website? We've tried to use Adwords to drive traffic to our new web applications, but Google's current model is completely incompatible. In addition, we had to sacrifice some functionality in order to support the sites with Adsense. This post will describe our experience, layout our frustrations, and challenge the keyword marketing crowd to find a solution.

Helping You Wade thru AppStore Content - New Tools

As the AppStore fills up, and reviews are not properly moderated, finding the right app is becoming more and more difficult. The reviews range from valuable, to helpful, to outdated, to shameless plugs (for the app or its competition), to commentaries on any pricing that isn't free, to absolute gibberish. Since you cannot try before you buy (in most cases), and the star rating has little relevance, a user must wade through (in some cases) hundreds of the reviews to get an idea of what to download or buy. In many cases, these reviews are not even made by people who have purchased the app, so again their relevance is questionable. A few enterprising websites have decided to take action by providing a Digg-like experience for finding apps.

Date Web Application Released for Desktop and iPhone

This week we released our Date Wheel web application. We moved the desktop version out of beta and released the iPhone formatted web app version. You can access both versions at The website will detect if you are coming from an iPhone or iPod touch or desktop/laptop computer and render accordingly.

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