Date Wheel(TM) and Trip Boss(TM) big winners in 2008 PalmAddict Reader Awards

Palm Addict, one of the oldest community blogs, focused on mobile, just handed out awards to two of our software titles, Trip Boss and Date Wheel.

Trip Boss, our travel manager for Palm OS, was honored with the 2008 PalmAddict Reader Award for Best Travel Program for Palm OS Out of 82,363 votes, we received 28% of the vote, making Trip Boss #1. Here's the official rankings:

Best Travel Program for Palm OS
TripBoss 28%
SplashTravel 22%
WorldMate 21%
Deluxeware Navigator 15%
Weather 8%
Palmary Clock 4%
Other 2%

Date Wheel, our time between dates calculator, available for Palm OS, as a web-app for iPhone, and as a web-app for the desktop, was awarded the Palm Addict Reader Awards 2008 Award of Excellence for Best Software. This special award is given by the webmaster of Palm Addict, Sammy McLoughlin. "I use DateWheel on my iPhone Centro. It's one of my favourite programs and I find it mighty useful."--Sammy McLoughlin, PalmAddict.

Special thanks to our users and to Palm Addict for the honors!

P.S. You can vote for us in the 2009 Reader Awards via Palm Addict. :)