New Import features added to Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad

We are pleased to announce an all new update 2.0. to our recipe organizer app, Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer, on the iPad. The update adds a much requested feature to import recipes directly from websites and add other recipe entry improvements.

All NEW easy ways to add recipes!

Added recipe Web Import directly via built-in browser

All new built in browser allows you to navigate to any recipe website. Suggested links provided for ease of use. Find a recipe, click Import, preview, and import into the app.

Added Paste directly from clipboard from Copied text

If a website is problematic on auto import (the recipe sites are sometimes non standard), just copy the recipe text, then select Paste Recipe from the menu, edit, preview, and import into Recipe Manager. This function is useful for importing from emails and other iPad text as well.

Added Freehand Typing of recipes

Prefer to type the recipe? Just type the recipe freehand, ingredients, directions, and import it right into the recipe cards format.

Added easier Dictation

Dictate the entire recipe on one screen, and import. The ingredients and directions will automatically be formatted to the recipe card format. Tips for dictation are available on our import help screens on our all new Recipe Manager website.

Continued support of adding recipes via ingredient database and pick lists

Liked the old way of entry? Pick from ingredient database and measures pick lists. The old way is still available if you don't feel like typing.

One-click import from email sent to a friend from Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer

All new link included in the recipe emails you export to friends and family. Click the import link, it will open Recipe Manager and import directly. No more copy/paste from emails from Recipe Manager.

Don't forget to make an extra backup your recipe databases with iTunes File Sharing. Please keep the suggestions coming, we appreciate your patience as we worked hard to get this major update released.