Recipe Manager and Serving Sizer cooking apps all updated for iOS8 in time for the holidays

All our recipe apps have now officially been updated and are available on the AppStore: Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad, and on iPhone, Serving Sizer Recipe Manager (new name, formerly Serving Sizer Pro), and Serving Sizer recipe converter. These cooking apps are essential to holiday cooking--scaling recipes by serving size to the number of guests coming to dinner. We've got a pretty decent SmartScaling™ functionality, one that our competition can't match. Not only do the apps scale the recipe ingredients for you, but they also optimize the final amounts. For example, if you scale a 1/2 cup from 4 servings to 14, the end result is 1-3/4 cups, not 14 half cups! This neat little calculation has moved forward from our Palm app days. We added recipe management to the little calculator, both on the iPhone and the iPad. These two apps are designed to exchange the recipe databases--through iTunes File Sharing. So you can create your recipe box on the iPad, then copy over all the recipes over to the iPhone.

We were shocked at how poorly iOS8 played with our apps--we have very robust designs and use the iOS API rather cleanly--avoiding any custom workarounds so that our apps maintain their functionality throughout iOS updates.

However, this time, iOS8 changed a lot of basic functionality. The order in which the view controllers are displayed changed dramatically, so layers weren't popped off in the correct order, wreaking all kinds of havoc, from the camera functionality going awry on the iPad app, to the keyboard losing some of its keys. In addition, the grouped tables is missing some key functionality for display of data, which is the area we have to tackle next in for updating our Trip Boss apps to work again on iOS8 (please have patience with us--this app is complex and utilizes a lot of grouped tables).

We have been working to update the look/feel of the apps--a bit late to the iOS7 table--but we wanted to get the design right, so we've been thinking on the approach for this for a while. Plus, it required a bunch of graphical updates as well. Look at the new shiny icons!

The iPad app has a major feature update in the works, as well, so backing out of that was required to update to fix the iOS8 bugs. These factors caused a bit of a delay in getting things out and tested. In addition to the currently released version, iOS8 wreaked a lot of havoc on the updated version--more bugs popped up when setting the release targets for iOS7 and up. It's frustrating because we are a smaller developer and our app sales have dipped a bit, so we have had to take on extra contract work. We recognize that our customers really don't care about that, they want their apps to work again, but we greatly appreciate the patience our customers have had--we tried to keep them in the loop as much as possible.

The next update that should be released is Date Wheel--I've let those who've contacted me personally know the workaround on that bug (tap the duration field to get the number centered again, after all calculations are completed). Then we move onto Trip Boss and Tip Boss. Tip Boss just has one minor bug--the settings icon is now minuscule--instead of a gear, it looks like an asterisk!

We have a few new apps in the works, as well as the major update to Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad. We won't release updates unless they meet our quality standards, so again, this update is taking longer than anticipated. Look for lots of great things from Creative Algorithms in 2015! Thanks for being our customers!