Serving Sizer Pro for iPad updated - new name, new icon, new features

Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad--your recipes, organized for cooking, update is now live in the iPad AppStore.
Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPadAvailable on the AppStore

We've added several new features:

✔ NEW Categories Done Right - Organize your recipes by multiple categories. Add your own, or edit default categories and subcategories. Quickly drill down to find exactly what you're looking for. (customer request)
✔ NEW Air Printing - with iOS 4.2 update. Print out recipes with photos on AirPrint-capable printers.
✔ NEW Photos - Add a photo to your recipe, email or print. (customer request)
✔ NEW Cooking Mode - put your recipe in full-screen mode and screen will not turn off while cooking.
✔ NEW for iOS 4.2: File sharing in iTunes for additional database backups, multitasking.
✔ NEW icon (and newer name)
✔ Misc. bug fixes and enhancements

We have a second update in the Apple review queue. We had a few loose ends we wanted to tie up before we go back to work on Trip Boss. Please keep the suggestions coming--we'll be doing another update between Trip Boss module releases.

Here's what's coming in the second update (pending availability):
✔ NEW Added ability to exclude categories (e.g. "not Carbohydrate").
✔ Revised icons in the top bar: recipe card to edit recipe, recipe box to view cards and categories.
✔ Minor tweaks and bug fixes

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