Still Here! Been on a Working Vacation, Will be Speaking at 360iDev in Denver in September

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I've just stopped blogging while on an epic 6-1/2 week working vacation. Cory did most of the working, I did the driving. We travelled with our family of five out west, camping and sightseeing, then stayed with family in the Seattle area for a chunk of the time. Remember I mentioned we were going to test out Trip Boss? Well, this was the vacation I'd alluded to. I'll be putting together a post-mortem of our travelling with Trip Boss experiences in the upcoming months (I'm still digging out of email, etc., tho we did check it remotely.). I also hope to put together a post on working while travelling, the freedom of the remote office. Lots of ideas, so little time.

Speaking of time, I will be speaking at this fall's 360iDev in Denver (only a few short weeks away). I'm covering "Applying the 4P's of Marketing to Apps," a follow-up to my blog series. Hope to see you there--only a small amount of tickets left before it's sold out (it sold out last year). It's a great conference to attend--lots of networking, tons of great speakers on a wide range of topics from programming, to business, to design. The game jam is especially fun. I'm going to have my Macbook with me this year, so maybe I'll be invited to work on some graphics with one of the teams? {hint hint} Last year we only had one Mac between my husband and I, so it was either postpone coding for a week or leave the Mac at home, so I joined in with some hand-sketching.

So stay tuned for future blogging and try to make it out to Denver for 360iDev on September 9-12th, if it's in your power. You won't regret it.