Trip Boss for sale on AppStore Nov. 10

Trip Boss travel manager, Expense & Budget edition, will be on sale on the AppStore on November 10th, 2010. To see a preview, please visit our website.

Trip Boss is coming!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Trip Boss for iPhone IS in the works. We are working hard to release it this fall. We'll keep you posted as we have screenshots and other goodies available. In the meantime, please feel free to "like" us on Facebook and follow Trip Boss on Twitter (for the latest news).

Review App Links, sorted out

A few days ago I had a discussion on twitter with a few developer friends about links to the review section on the AppStores from within apps. Since people are prompted to "review on delete," the number of reviews can be slanted towards one-star, especially for 99c "throwaway" apps. No mechanism currently exists to prompt users who use and find value with their apps to rate and write reviews. So, many developers have added "Review this app" links inside their apps.

Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - recipe converter cookbook

Recipe cards for your iPad! Creative Algorithms is pleased to announce our first iPad app: Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - recipe converter cookbook now available on the AppStore.
Serving Sizer Pro for iPadAvailable on the AppStore

Lots of screenshots available on our main website, along with a walkthru on how it works. It has all the goodness of the iPhone version: scales by serving size, easy entry of ingredients, no website access required (save directly to iPad), but in a whole new custom format for iPad.

Serving Sizer Pro ingredient entry

Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Converter and Cookbook Now on AppStore

We're pleased to announce that our Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Converter and Cookbook app is now available on the AppStore!
Serving Sizer ProAvailable on the AppStore

Serving Sizer Pro™ does what your regular cookbook can't--instantly scales recipes based on number of guests coming for dinner! With Serving Sizer Pro you can convert entire recipes from one serving size to another. Great for scaling for crowds, or down-sizing for 1-2 person meals. Save recipes to re-scale later. Also converts between Metric and US measures so you can cook from recipes from other countries that use measuring tools different than what you're used to.

We've also included a few of our favorite recipes to see how it works or to make for yourselves. Enter your own recipes easily--over 500+ ingredients pre-loaded and beautifully designed sliders for choosing amounts and units. More details on our website. Enjoy!

Serving Sizer Pro recipe card screenServing Sizer measurement entry

Tips for New iPhone Developers #2 - Promo Codes: Expiring and Resetting Count

Here's another tip for newbie iPhone developers, concerning how promo codes work.

You get 50 promo codes per update, i.e. each time you submit a new binary. When you request promo codes, they expire in 4 weeks. So, don't request promo codes until you need them; you are allowed to request them one at a time, if necessary. Unrequested promo codes do not expire.

Date Wheel--Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Date Calculator

Date Wheel is not your usual date calculator. While it may have been said that "anyone can write a date calculator," not everyone can write a GOOD one, and we like to think ours is the best. Date Wheel has won awards in the past and has been recently nominated in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards, sponsored by 148apps, in the category of "Best Time Management". This post was inspired by Dan Grigsby's challenge over at Mobile Orchard and will spell out some key features and design insight in an award-winning app that has celebrated a decade in existence. Read on to see if you agree and, if so, please nominate us by Dec. 31, 2009, and/or vote for us in January if we make the cut. Thanks!

Serving Sizer recipe converter--the Visual Design Process

We put a lot of thought into the aesthetics for our iPhone app, Serving Sizer recipe converter. We wanted the app to follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, but also set itself apart by polishing the basics to an appealing, graphically designed user interface. Let me take a little time to give insight into our design process in this post.

Serving Sizer Recipe Converter Reviewed by The iPhone Mom

We're thrilled that the The iPhone Mom recently reviewed Serving Sizer and she loves it: "...I must say that it is a TERRRIFIC tool for moms." She cites that she found it "extremely easy to use" and it eliminates the need to worry about frustrating fractions. "For me converting recipes usually involves fractions and counting on my fingers and lots of frustration. I am thrilled to have an app that’s smarter than me and is going to eliminate that frustration."

Full review is here.

Thanks iPhone Mom!

Tips for New iPhone Developers #1 - Five Ratings Minimum to Get an Average

When you are new to a platform, sometimes things take some time to learn. I find out a lot of things via Twitter (I follow a lot of iPhone and other mobile devs), plus by reading developer blogs and following recommended links. Today I learned something very valuable and rather than "tweet" about it, I decided to start adding short "tips" to our blog, so there's an easier way to find and record them for future reference.

So without further ado, today's tip covers reviews:

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