App Updates Available for new size iPhone5 screen - Trip Boss Expense & Budget travel manager

We're working hard to update our apps for the new iPhone 5 screen size. These apps also support iOS6, fixing any bugs. The next one that has been released is Trip Boss Expense & Budget travel manager:

Trip Boss Expense and BudgetTrip Boss Expense and Budget

With Trip Boss travel manager you can track all your travel expenses, export expense reports, and track your reimbursement statuses. Set a budget and track how you're spending, especially useful when on holiday or vacation. Includes a bonus tip calculator and a currency calculator. Trip Boss is international--real time currency rates and international settings.

Trip Boss reimbursement statusTrip Boss expense export

Want more? All Trip Boss apps allow you to add more modules through our in-app Store. Add a travel journal or the itinerary module to the Expense & Budget edition. All purchased items show at the bottom of the vending machine, unpurchased at the top. Just tap an icon to read more about the available modules. You can find the updated Trip Boss Expense & Budget travel manager on the AppStore now.

Trip Boss in-app module store

All modules are also sold separately--start with any one module, add the rest via the in-app store. Expense & Budget, Itinerary, and Journal are all approved for the new iPhone 5 screen size and iOS6 updates, as well as the Itinerary, Expense & Budget edition. We have an overview of what you get with each starter module on our Trip Boss overview.