Date Wheel Approved for Sale on the AppStore

UPDATE: Date Wheel is now showing up for sale on the AppStore. Here's the iTunes link.

Date Wheel screenshot

We just received the email for which we've been waiting--Date Wheel has been officially approved for sale on the AppStore! Should be a few hours before you can access it for purchase. We're very excited to finally release for iPhone. We'll keep you posted and provide links as soon as we know. In the meantime, feel free to follow DateWheel on Twitter for up-to-the-moment updates. We also ask you to please submit a review if you would. Thanks!!

Date Wheel submitted to AppStore

We finally submitted Date Wheel late last night to the AppStore. Now we wait. Apple has a new feature when you log in that tells you how long a typical AppStore submission will take. According to Apple, right now "96% of applications are being approved within 14 days." So, to show you what Date Wheel can do, I took a little screenshot showing the estimated timing if we are among the lucky 96%.

Date Wheel screenshot

If you want to be notified of when Date Wheel for iPhone is ready for sale,

Two Elements: The Idea and the Platforms

Which is trickier--coming up with a good idea or 'porting it cross-platforms? Does your company have a long list of ideas, or the skill set to develop across platforms, or both? Recently I read an article about the iPhone becoming more difficult to develop for, due to fragmentation. Besides other things (volume, the AppStore....), the iPhone has been attractive to develop for because it does not require many iterations or multiple phones.

Classic Certified for the Palm Pre

Trip Boss--Classic CertifiedToday we announced at Creative Algorithms that our Palm OS apps, Trip Boss and Date Wheel, have been "Classic Certified" for the MotionApps emulator app "Classic" for the webOS on the Palm Pre. (full press release here). What exactly does this mean?

iPhone Devs: Are You Maximizing Your Commission?

If you are not signed up as an iTunes affiliate for links to your software from your website, then you are throwing an additional 5% in revenue out the door. The iTunes Affiliate program rewards you 5% for each sale through your link. The program is also makes sense for any news site who commonly links to iPhone apps. Affiliate programs should not be new to these sites, but it might be something a developer has not considered.

Mobile Development Platforms Spreadsheet Updated

Just updated the Mobile Development Platforms Spreadsheet. Most of the updates are for Palm's webOS, and a few for Android. Most information has remained static. If you haven't taken a look yet, the spreadsheet outlines the available mobile platforms and lists such things as IDE, programming language, framework, and ecommerce such as distributors. If you are trying to decide what platform to support or where to 'port next, it's a nice snapshot of key information.

The Quest for an iPhone To-do App

I'm on a quest for new Personal Information Management (PIM) apps! Recently I moved to an iPhone from a decade-long stint with the Palm OS. My husband's Treo 650 went into an infinite reset loop and we were ready to renew our AT&T contract. It was time for a new phone, we had to stay with AT&T (only wireless service that will work in our house), and neither of us wanted a Centro (only PalmOS choice), so it was time to move onto another platform.

Date Wheel(TM) and Trip Boss(TM) big winners in 2008 PalmAddict Reader Awards

Palm Addict, one of the oldest community blogs, focused on mobile, just handed out awards to two of our software titles, Trip Boss and Date Wheel.

The Power of Promotion – Marketing Mobile Software – Part III, Promotion

Perhaps the most active part of marketing using the 4P's (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place (Distribution) is Promotion. Once you design your product, set your price, and select your distribution methods, not much additional effort in these areas is required. At this point, you must unleash your promotional tools.

iPhone App Pricing Roundup

A few blogs around the 'net have been discussing pricing of apps in the iPhone AppStore. I just wanted to note a few as a follow-up, since I had covered similar ideas in my previous blog post, Finding the Right Price - Marketing Mobile Software – Part II, Price.

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