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iOS Support:

Date Wheel available on the AppStore

Supported Devices:
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G
iPod Touch 5th generation
iPod Touch 4th generation
iPod Touch 3rd generation
iPod Touch 2nd generation
iPod Touch original
iPhone original
iPad 4th generation
iPad 3rd generation
iPad mini

Released Applications:
  • Trip Boss travel manager:
    •  Expense & Budget
    •  Itinerary
    •  Journal
    •  Expense, Budget, & Itinerary
  • Date Wheel
  • Recipe Manager with Serving Sizer for iPad
  • Serving Sizer Pro recipe converter and cookbook
  • Serving Sizer recipe converter
  • Tip Boss tip calculator

Supported Operating Systems:

  • iOS7
  • iOS6
  • iOS5

  • Creative Algorithms, LLC has been developing mobile applications for over 10 years.

    Our current focus is on iOS apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini.  We also have an active web-application, that runs in the browser.
    Our iPhone /iPod touch /iPad /iPad mini applications are available on the App Store.  Our web-application can be used in most web-browsers, including mobile browsers, using our mobile-formatted version.  We got our start with Palm OS (Palm Pilot PDA, Palm Treo) back in 1999, incorporating Creative Algorithms in October 2003.

    Creative Algorithms also is available for custom development work, graphics and UI design, and website design. Please contact us for a quotation.

    Creative Algorithms is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Please contact us for further information about our products or our company.  We also have a blog, where we share business experiences and other tips.

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    Why buy software from Creative Algorithms?

    We design quality and usability into our programs.  Some points are listed below:

    Design Parameters
    • Where feasible, all older operating systems are supported.
    • Designed for minimum memory and battery consumption.
    • Applications sleep when idle to maximize battery life.
    • Screen data conveniently stored so you can return to the application right where you left off.
    • Application and data is automatically backed up during the iTunes sync and iCloud backup.
    • All fields support cut, copy, paste, select all, and undo operations.
    • Virus protection for the product is built-in.
    User Interface
    • Conformance to Human Interface Guidelines from Apple.
    • Large buttons for fingertip operation.
    • Interface designed to minimize tapping.
    • Dates and times formatted to your system preference.
    • Aesthetic, uncluttered screen layout with adequate white space for rapid visual inspection of the screen data.
    • High-contrast icons and large fonts for better visibility.
    • Ergonomically designed for easy data entry and higher productivity.
    • Buttons for common operations.
    • Tabbed forms to simplify interface.
    • Changed fields briefly flash to provide visual cues to changed data.
    • Beeps used as audio cues for invalid or unrecognized input.
    • Clean, simple, easy to use interfaces.
    • Standard menu items and accelerator keys -- no missing cut/paste functionality or non-standard names for operations.
    Coding Standards
    • Clean, elegant code written for clarity and simplicity reduces bugs and eases maintenance.
    • Code compiles cleanly with no errors or warnings on the highest detection levels.  In fact, any error or warning will stop the build until it is fixed.
    • Code reuse provides stability and maturity to the newest of programs.
    • Liberal use of assertion checking within the code catches bugs early in testing.
    • Adherence to published API's (Application Programming Interfaces) for best forward compatibility with future operating systems.
    • Separate unit test applications are written and used to expose more bugs during the development cycle.
    • Proper handling of special case floating-point numbers such as +/- infinity and NaN (Not a Number).
    • Tested for usability and functionality under a variety of operation conditions.
    • Tested above and beyond iOS recommended compatibility testing.
    • Beta testing is also used where applicable, PRIOR to release of salable product.
    • Help provided for all software titles through links to help pages on our website.
    Customer Service
    • We believe customer service is just as important as quality designs. 
    • We respond to every email inquiry. Our goal is to respond to all questions within 1-2 business days.
    • We also welcome suggestions, ideas, and bug reports--software always has room for continued improvements.

    from Sammy McLoughlin,
    webmaster/owner of PalmAddict, the largest Palm OS blog

    "...(Creative Algorithms) not only offer outstanding products but they have that caring service too that you do not see too often in developers today."

    Handheld Computing Magazine

    "(Creative Algorithms)are abreath of fresh air in their elegant,intelligent and thoughtful design"

    excerpt from Handheld Computing magazine, by Harv Laser, Palm Editor,
    "K.I.S.S. -- Functional, elegant, simple"

    March 2006 "In this age of slow-to learn, hard-to-use software that looks more like puffed up desktop appscrammed into a handheld, Creative Algorithms...makes a collection of PalmOS programs that's functional, elegant, and simple.  CA makes it software easy, fast, logical, and obvious, and builds it for a small screen....And above all, they do it with a professional, caring attitude....  (T)hey are a breath of fresh air in their elegant, intelligent and thoughtful design."

    You can readthe full review in the March 2006 issue of Handheld Computing magazine, along with reviews of all Creative Algorithms' software.  Excerpts from the review are also noted on each of oursoftware description pages.

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    Formerly, we wrote and released programs under the name of DeftSoft in the late 1990's.  Our first app, Date Wheel was released as freeware in 1999.  The 2.0 version, released in 2003 as shareware by Creative Algorithms, LLC, was upgraded with new features. The web version of Date Wheel was released in 2008, and the iPhone version in 2009.  Trip Boss was one of our most popular PalmOS applications, and we've brought it to the iOS platform, as well as Serving Sizer™. Please visit our products page for more details on all our current applications.

    For more past information about us, Palm247, a popular and quality online news source, conducted an interview with us in 2004.  We also did a podcast interview in 2005.  We were featured in Handheld Computing in 2006.  Our software, most notably Trip Boss, has received several awards and nominations. Many of our iOS apps have been awarded Best App Ever awards as well.  Please reference each product's page for more details.

    We have a blog, with more information about us and interesting mobile business topics.




    We recognize that sometimes software is not a perfect fit, or sometimes descriptions have been misinterpreted.  Rather than have dissatisfied customers, especially since iOS apps do not offer a Try Before You Buy option, we are open to refunds. However, since developers do not handle any customer information, if you have purchased our app from Apple's AppStore, you will have to request Apple directly for a refund.  Merely select "Report a Problem" on your iTunes receipt and follow the links to request a refund.  In most cases, Apple will honor a refund, but please understand the process and approval are completely out of Creative Algorithms' hands.

    PalmOS and HotSync are registered trademarks of Palm, Inc. Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Macintosh and iPhone and iPod and iPad are a registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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