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All iPad/iPhone help files can be accessed by tapping "Find help for..." from within each application (tap "i" to find links).

iPad applications

Help for Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad

iPhone applications (best viewed from an iPhone)

Help for Serving Sizer Pro and Serving Sizer

Help for Date Wheel
Help for Trip Boss

Web Applications (desktop browser version)
Please note: to use in Internet Explorer9, please put into compatibility view. (mobile browser version)


iPhone/iPad applications

see tutorials above


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Obsolete, for reference only:

PalmOS applications only


Trip Boss
"Exporting Expenses/Mileage from Trip Boss™ " (.pdf format)  (html format)
"Saving Customized Settings in Trip Boss™ with Copy Trip" (.pdf format)  (html format)
"Road Trip Planning Using Trip Boss™ "  (.pdf format)  (html format)

Trip Boss Tutorial/Overviews
"Trip Boss a feature packed trip program" by May C. of maceyr's palm discovery
May's review can be considered a great overview/tutorial of what Trip Boss™ can do, complete with flash animations. 
We recommend a visit if you would like help getting started with using Trip Boss.

Palm Addicts Review of Trip Boss by Sammy McLoughlin, Editor-in-Chief of Palm Addict
Sammy's 4 part review covers in detail many of the features of Trip Boss in a logical step by step.  Great overview as well.

Palm OSC Palmcast, by Jim Mahon.  Video demo of Trip Boss.  Good overview of what Trip Boss can do for you.

Gage Tech
Exporting Gage Data from Gage Tech™  (html format)


PalmOS applications only
(.pdf format only)

Using Calorie Factor
Using Date Wheel
Using Fraction Fit
Using Gage Tech
Using OptiSize
Using Quick Ohm
Using Serving Sizer
Using Trip Boss 

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