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Date Wheel

Date Wheel is a premium date calculator that calculates the time between two dates in months, weeks, days and business days. Save calculations for future reference. Countdown to an important event.

Date Wheel is available* for iPhone/iPod touch on the AppStore. 

With Date Wheel you can:
Available on the AppStore
shipping time screenshot countdown
School Starts countdown screenshot

Calculate shipping time
in business days
Countdown to an important event
  • Tap on Today checkbox for Start Date
  • Lock End Date
  • Start Date automatically updates daily to current date
  • Duration automatically decrements daily

tooling timing screenshot
Doctor Appointment screenshot    

Calculate tooling timing in weeks

Determine when to schedule
your next appointment

calc list
              screenshot pregnancy due date screenshot baby's age screenshot

Save calculations
for future reference
or for countdowns
Determine a pregnancy due date
then track how far along you are:
  • Lock the End Date
  • Tap on Today for the Start Date
  • Countdown how far along you are
then Track the age of your baby
  • Lock the Start Date. 
  • Tap on the Today for the End Date
  • Duration automatically increments daily
  • Tap on the units to switch to Months/Days

Project Projection screenshot Overdue Project screenshot

Determine when a project should start
  • Set End Date
  • Set Duration
  • Start Date is calculated
Figure out how long
a project is overdue

Julian date screenshot calc list screenshot

Calculate the Day of the Year,
often referred to as the Julian date
Determine the Week Number.
Save the calculation to reference each week throughout the year.

How do YOU use Date Wheel?  Email us a screenshot!
    Send to support (at) creativealgorithms [dot] com
    To take a screenshot, press the Home and On/Off buttons simultaneously.
    The screen capture will appear in the Photos app.

Available on the AppStore

* also available (features may vary):
web app in your
desktop browser
as a web app
for mobile devices

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