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Serving Sizer
Recipe Manager

recipe converter and cookbook
Available on the AppStore
2010 Babble Top 50 iPhone Apps
                                    for Moms
Top 50 iPhone
for Moms

Customize recipes for:
  • families
  • couples
  • individuals
  • large groups
  • small groups
Also converts recipes between
Metric and US measures

*formerly Serving Sizer Pro
Serving Sizer™Recipe Manager does what your regular cookbook can't--
instantly scales recipes based on number of guests coming for dinner!

Got a family of five? Scale 4 serving recipes to 5-- less leftovers than just doubling the recipe.
Holiday dinner? Change a 6-serving recipe to 14 one year, then change it to 9 the next.
Dinner for one? Convert that 4 serving recipe to a 1-person meal, so you don't have 3 days of leftovers.
Catering for 100?
Calculate the right amounts to buy and make. Reuse the recipe next time for a different sized group.
Dinner party?
Sure, anyone can double a recipe from 4 to 8 servings, but what if you have 10 people coming and don't want to run out of meat? Calculate how many pounds of meat to buy for your dinner party.
Dinner for two?
Scale down recipes for a romantic dinner for two.
Bought a cookbook while traveling out of the country?
Convert the recipes' ingredients between Metric and US measures so you can cook with  the kitchen tools you're used to.
Easily convert entire recipes using serving sizes--no more fraction math.
Save your favorites and revise recipes for current guest size in a snap.

Not sure if this version is right for you?  Try our lighter version: Serving Sizer recipe converter, calculates one ingredient at a time. 


Elegant and useful user interface
Easy entry with over 500 ingredients to pick from, complete with search, or add your own.
Easy entry with beautifully designed sliders for standard fractional amounts and units for volumes, weights, and items
While cooking, display recipe in easy-to-read format--newly calculated amounts and directions all on one screen.
Scaled amounts are optimized for minimum number of steps and common units, such as 1 cup and 1 Tbsp, instead of 17 tablespoons.
Double, triple, and halve buttons make it easy to convert quickly to common recipe conversions.
One tap converts recipe between US and Metric
No logins or website accounts required
Store and customize your recipes in this handy cookbook
Email scaled recipes to friends and family

Holiday feasts where the recipes are increased to serve more people
Dinner parties for a non-standard number of people
Meals for one or two from larger serving sizes
Catering for crowds
Convert European based recipes into a US format
Convert US based recipes into Metric


Serving Sizer recipe list Serving                                Sizer main recipe screen
  • Tap "+" to add a new recipe
  • Tap on the arrow to view a recipe.
  • Edit allows reordering of the list.
  • Tap on "Serves" to edit the serving sizes.
  • Tap "+" to add ingredient.
  • Tap on the arrow to view an ingredient.
  • US/Metric toggles units
  • Tap on Recipe Index Card to view full recipe and to enter directions.
  • Tap on envelope to email converted recipe.
Serving                                Sizer servings screen Serving Sizer ingredient                                entry
  • Enter recipe's original serving size.
  • Enter number of guests for new serving size--change any time your guest list changes.
  • Select from 500+ ingredients. Find easily via search or side index.
  • Tap "+" to add a new ingredient name.
Serving                                Sizer ingredient screen Serving Sizer measurement                                entry
After you add a new ingredient, you see this screen.
  • Tap Original Measurement to enter measurement.
Serving Sizes and converted New Measurement (in both US and Metric) shown for quick reference.
  • Enter amounts in whole numbers and fractions.
  • Pick units, sorted by Volume, Weight, or Items (for whole items like eggs).
Serving Sizer recipe card                                screen Serving Sizer email screen
Tapping the Recipe Index Card shows you the converted recipe in one scrollable screen for ease of use when cooking. 
  • Tap Edit to enter or edit the Directions.
Email converted recipes to friends and family.

Serving Sizer™ Recipe Manager
recipe converter and cookbook

Available on the AppStore

Serving Sizer
recipe converter
Available on the AppStore
2011 Babble Top 50 iPhone Apps
                                    for Moms
Top 50 iPhone
for Moms

Serving Sizer recipe converter is a lighter version--convert individual ingredients, one at a time.

Serving Sizer main screenServing Sizer                          measurement entry

Also available on iPad:
Serving Sizer iconRecipe Manager with Serving Sizer
for iPad
your recipes, organized for cooking
Available on the AppStore


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