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Available on the AppStore   
Trip Boss
                  travel manager
Trip Boss travel manager
Itinerary edition

all itineraries screen

  • PLAN

  • Plan, store, manage, share, and review your itinerary in one convenient place with the Itinerary module in Trip Boss™ travel manager.  Start with the Itinerary edition, or add via in-app purchase to the Expense & Budget edition, or Journal edition, available on the AppStore. Or purchase the Itinerary, Expense & Budget edition, which includes both editions.

    Supports up to 50 types of travel itineraries and a host of predefined locations and travel providers. Add additional itinerary types and places as you go.

    Travel data synergy. Eliminate double entry by sending data between modules.  Works hand and hand with the Expense module--record an expense right from your itinerary entry. Or, add a new itinerary entry from your expenses.  You can't do that with two separate travel apps.

    New: updated for larger iPhone 5 screen size.

    Plan and store detailed Itineraries
    in over 50 different itinerary types.

    Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Buses. Cruises. Track reservations, confirmation numbers and more on custom entry screens that detail all the information you need for main modes of travel.
    Lodging. Record bookings for any type of lodging, including a custom screen for camping.
    Car Rental. Ground Transportation. Custom screens for Car Rental reservations and confimations, plus entries for ground transportation such as taxi, limo, shuttles, subways and ferries.
    Dining. Keep track of all your dining reservations.
    Meetings. Set up business meeting plans and appointments.
    Parking. Note parking reservations, or keep track of the meter by setting a beginning and end time.
    Tours. Sightseeing. Events. Side Trips. Plan ahead of time, or add on the go. Keep a record of all trip activities, from shopping to snorkling, from theater to concert, from golfing to gambling, from hiking to picnicking. 

    Plan out road trips, each step of the way, listing daily plans along side all other itinerary plans.  Convenient Travel Time calculator™ helps you plan your daily routes and estimate arrival times. 

    Itinerary screenshot
    Itineraries screenshot

    Manage and Review
    your daily itinerary. Departure and Arrival, Check-in and Check-out. Dual display of all items' key data, with date separators and custom icons, makes it easy to review your daily plans at a glance.

    Dual navigation.
  • Stay within a trip (via Trips icon) and navigate within all its active modules, from Itinerary, to Expense, to Budget, to Journal.
  • Or, View All Itineraries screen (via the Itinerary icon) to see all past, current, and future trip itineraries.

  • Share Itineraries.
    Email. Print.

    ✔ Email a copy of your itinerary to your family, friends, or colleagues. Choose between html or plain text.
    ✔ or Print out a copy for yourself or your family, RIGHT FROM YOUR iPhone to a Air-Print enabled printer.

                              itinerary screenshot
                              Expense screenshot


  • Global Travel Data. People, Places, Clients-- pick globally, no need to reenter for every trip. Share between Expenses and Itineraries.
  • Hundreds of international travel providers, with contact information, pre-entered for your use and convenience. Copy a travel provider, then add more specifics.  Or add your own.
  • Home Airport. Pick your home airport in Settings--each new trip's flight defaults to home.
  • Create Expense right from your itinerary.


  • All data is auto-saved on your iPhone as you enter it.
  • Trip database is backed up during iTunes sync.
  • Make additional database backups to your computer using File Sharing in iTunes.

  • App-Within-An App

    Trip Boss helps you manage all your travel data in one convenient, build-your-own modular app. 

    Start with any edition and add Apps-Within-An-App through convenient in-app purchase via our custom storefront.

    Apps working together to make one better app

    Gain travel data synergy by combining all the apps you need into one powerful travel management app. Share common data between modules—no double entry. Quickly send an expense from the itinerary module, or add an itinerary entry from an expense entry. Share people and places globally.

    Customize your complete travel manager,
    Trip Boss™ to help you manage all your travel data. Manage the whole travel experience, for Business for Pleasure, for International, for Domestic travel, to achieve the ultimate in travel data synergy.

                              navigation screenshot
                              navigation screen screenshot

    Available on the AppStore

                              Purchase Store screenshot

    Included in Itinerary edition and Itinerary, Expenses, & Budget edition.
    Available for purchase within Expense & Budget edition and Journal edition using in-app purchase.


    PalmAddict Reader Awards Award of Excellence
    Best Travel App
     for iPhone/iPod touch

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    Expense & Budget Journal Overview

                  Reader Awards Award of Excellence
    Best Travel App
     for iPhone/iPod touch

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