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Trip Boss travel
Trip Boss travel manager
Journal edition
"Journal : Trip Boss travel manager"

journal entry screen

  • Record MEMORIES (Personal)
  • Jot DETAILS (Business)
  • Add PHOTOS
  • Note WEATHER

  • Keep memories, thoughts, and details of your trips. Multiple authors makes a fun way to record family travel memories from all family members. Business travelers can use Journal for documenting details for trip reports for the boss.

    A Journal for Trip Boss™ travel manager allows you to record important trip memories and details by trip. Reflect on past trips or report business trip information to management.

    All Trip Boss apps are modular. Start with the Journal edition, then add via in-app purchase Expense & Budget edition, or Itinerary edition.

    New: updated for larger iPhone 5 screen size.

    Keep a detailed travel journal for each trip.

      weather and font screens

    Note weather and temp (°F or °C)

    Get location

    Choose your font

    Insert time stamp

    ✔ Type hearts, smilies, and other symbols

    ✔ Enter text in landscape or portrait orientation  Landscape entry

    Journal entry with keyboard
    Journal Table of Contents

    Stylish Table of Contents

    Journals organized by trip, and entries organized in stylish table of contents. Beautifully designed interface and custom graphics makes this journal a pleasure to use.

    Multiple Authors help create a family perspective on the trip, great for ample hilarity and reminscing when reflecting on past trips. 

    International support for temperature, time zones, date, time, and number formats.

    Dual navigation.
  • Stay within a trip (via Trips icon) and navigate within all its active modules, from Journal, to Itinerary, to Expense, to Budget.
  • Or, View All Journals screen (via the Journal icon) to view all trip journals.

  • Share Journals.
    Email. Print. Publish to Facebook©.

    ✔ Publish journal entries and photos to Facebook.
    ✔ Email journal entries, complete trip journals, or photos.
    ✔ Print journal entries, complete trip journals, or photos.
    ✔ HTML (your fonts) or plain text formats.

    Extra Protection and Backup Solutions
  • Auto-saves periodically as you type. Auto-saves again when Done.
  • Journal/trip database is backed up during iTunes sync.
  • Make double database backups to your computer using File Sharing in iTunes.
  • Alternatively email entire journals to yourself.
  • Photos can be batch copied to iPhone Photos app

  • Email
                              text screen of journal entry
                              edit screenshot

    Add multiple Photos to daily entries.
    Thumbnails appear right next to your text. Tap the photo to view full screen and add attributes:

  • Add a caption
  • Get geo-location
  • Give photo a title
  • Note photographer
  • Log date/time

  • Email or print or export the individual photo to Photos.

    Publish individual photos to Facebook, or as a trip album when publishing an entire entry.

    App-Within-An App

    Trip Boss helps you manage all your travel data in one convenient, build-your-own app. 

    Start with the Journal edition and add Apps-Within-An-App through convenient in-app purchase via our custom storefront.

    Apps working together to make one better app

    Gain travel data synergy by combining all the apps you need into one powerful travel management app. Share common data between modules—no double entry. Share people, places, and settings globally. Quickly send an expense from the itinerary module, or add an itinerary entry from an expense entry.

    Customize your complete travel manager, Trip Boss™ to help you manage all your travel data. Manage the whole travel experience, for Business for Pleasure, for International, for Domestic travel, to achieve the ultimate in travel data synergy.

    Navigation by trip screenshot
                              navigation screen screenshot

    Available on the AppStore

                              Purchase Store screenshot example

    Journal included in Journal edition (Journal : Trip Boss travel manager).
    Also available for purchase within Expense & Budget edition, or
    Itinerary, Expense, & Budget edition, or Itinerary edition using in-app purchase.


    PalmAddict Reader Awards Award of
    Best Travel App
    for iPhone/iPodtouch

    More info: 
    Expense & Budget

    PalmAddict Reader Awards Award of
    Best Travel App
     for iPhone/iPod touch

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