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Why is Trip Boss for you?

Upgrade to 3.0
(download only)
is free to registered users of Trip Boss.

Just download and install the update to your PDA or smartphone.  Trip Boss 3.0 is backward compatible with older trip databases. 

Trip Boss 3.0 is only compatible on devices using Palm OS 3.0 and higher with 2MB RAM.  Users with Palm OS 3.0 and lower RAM should not upgrade.

What's New for Trip Boss™3.0?

Trip Boss™ 3.0

Trip Boss™ 3.0 adds two main features.  The first is a checklist feature for multiple task lists and the second is access to real-time travel data, such as currency rates, weather, flight status and much more.

New Check List feature
With the check list feature, make packing lists, to do lists, gift lists, shopping lists, sightseeing lists—anything for which you might need a list.  All lists are carried over from trip to trip—no need to recreate the list each time.

check list screenshot
Create multiple task lists that can be used from trip to trip:
  • Packing
  • Planning To-Do
  • Last Minute To-Do
  • Sightseeing
  • Camping
  • Shopping
  • you define
check list screenshot

manage lists screenshot

edit lists screenshot
Unique User Interface for Editing Lists:
  • Select the lists to appear in each trip
  • Lock master lists to prevent accidental editing
  • Multiple types of lists can be used in each trip
  • Copy a master list and customize items for each trip
    • add, delete, and move items intuitively
    • no need to check or uncheck a multitude of items for them to appear in a trip's check list
    • no need to start from scratch each trip
  • Several default starter lists included
BONUS!  Special USA State License Plate Game list included-- fun for the family on roadtrips in the USA

Access Real-Time Travel Data

Use Trip Boss' Travel Aide wireless feature on the Treo smartphone or wifi-enabled PDA's* to access real-time travel information such as real-time currency rates, real-time weather forecasts and radar, real-time flight status, maps and directions, and much more.

travel aide screenshotUsing the drop-down menu item “Travel Aide”, Trip Boss will launch our Mobile Travel Aide™.   Just click on the link you want and get the information—a free service*.  When you return to Trip Boss, you will be back in the tab where you left off when you accessed the link.

mtrvl screenshot
Start with quick links to:
  • Real-time Weather forecasts and radar
  • Real-time Currency Exchange Rates
  • Finding locations nearby such as businesses and restaurants
  • Real-time Flight Status

mtrvl categories screenshot

mtrvl ground transportation screenshot
Scroll down for additional categories:
  • Airlines and Flights
  • Ground Transportation, including:
    • car rental
    • bus
    • trains
    • limo
  • Restaurants
  • Sights' Guides and Locations
  • Reference, including:
    • area codes
    • tipping
    • currency
    • translation
  • Weather
  • Software
  • Other
    • shop Amazon
    • track packages

mtrvl restaurant and site guide screenshot mtrvl reference screenshot mtrvl weather screenshot
Mobile Travel Aide™ is continuously being improved and expanded upon, with more mobile travel links added on a regular basis.  Feel free to contact us to add additional information or links.

*A wireless internet connection is required to access this feature, carrier charges or ISP fees may apply.

Special thanks to all who contributed feedback to make this
latest update possible!  Your input is greatly appreciated!
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2008 Palm Addict Reader Award Winner for Best Travel Program for Palm OS
Best Travel Software

Winner of 2007 PA Reader Award for Best Software Winner
Best Software

Finalist Handango Champion awards 2006 - Best Application for Life

Palm Addict Excellence Award 2005 for Best Software
for Best Software

2004 "Palm software
of the Year"
-- Shaun McGill, Palm247

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