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12/15/11: December newsletter

Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad updated to 1.4.1. Adds new recipe styles to cards. Some for free, some for purchase.  Personalize your recipe collection!
press release

11/17/11: November newsletter

: Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad updated. Beautiful new UI design. New easy-to-use alphabetical index for recipes.

11/4/11: Serving Sizer Pro for iPhone updated to add File Sharing in iTunes.

11/1/11: Trip Boss apps updated to support iOS5 and iCloud Backup. Also new receipt printing (expense module) and itinerary prining (itinerary module).

10/24/11: Serving Sizer (iPhone/iPad) and Date Wheel apps updated to support iOS5 and iCloud Backup.
Serving Sizer Recipe Cards for iPad updated, now compatible for iOS5 and iCloud Backup.

Date Wheel updated to ver. 1.5.0, new retina graphics, new keypad, multitasking.

New Publish to Facebook feature available in A Journal for Trip Boss travel manager, ver 4.2.2. press release

Publish to Facebook
feature in Journal module add-on now available in Trip Boss Expense & Budget or Itinerary or Trip Boss travel manager.

June newsletter

A Journal for
Trip Boss travel manager available on the AppStore.

Bug fix update for Serving Sizer Recipe Cards, available on the AppStore.

May newsletter

5/11/11: Trip Boss Itinerary travel manager, with travel time route planner available on the AppStore. Optionally add Expense & Budget edition via in-app purchase.

5/4/11: Trip Boss travel manager - Itinerary, Expenses & Budget edition available on the AppStore.  Includes both Itinerary and Expense & Budget editions.

4/19/11: April Newsletter

New update to Trip Boss travel manager.  Adds Itineraries add-on via in-app purchase.  ver. 4.1
  press release

Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad takes 3rd place in 2010 Best App Ever Awards in Parenting category. Thank you for all your support in nominations and voting!

2010 Best AppEverAwards 3rd

January Newsletter

Voting ends Tuesday, January 25 for 2010 Best App Ever awards. Please be sure to vote!

New update to
Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad available--expands the list of folders available for photo import. ver. 1.2.3

Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad is a FINALIST in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards, in the Parenting category. Since it's a People's Choice Award, we need your votes! Please take the time to visit the award site to vote for us.
  Thank you!


Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad update 1.2.2 now available on the AppStore. Update includes ability to exclude categories and new navigation icons. An update to your review is appreciated, as the star ratings have now reset. 

: December Newsletter

  Serving Sizer Pro Recipe Cards for iPad update now available on the AppStore. Update includes: categories done right, add photo, new name and icon, air printing (with iOS 4.2), new always-on cooking mode, file sharing & multitasking (with iOS 4.2).

November newsletter

Trip Boss travel manager, expence and budget edition, now available on the AppStore.
  press release

Trip Boss travel manager, expense and budget edition, will be available for sale on the AppStore on Wednesday, November 10th.

  Trip Boss for iPhone submitted to the AppStore for approval. more info & screenshots

4/14/10: Updates available for Serving Sizer Pro for iPad, Serving Sizer Pro for iPhone, and Serving Sizer for iPhone.

Serving Sizer Pro for iPad - recipe ingredient converter released on AppStore.  press release

Date Wheel date calculator 1.4.0 for iPhone released (update). Added setting to include end date in calculation.

March newsletter

Serving Sizer recipe converter 2.0.0 released (update).

Serving Sizer Pro recipe converter and cookbook released on the AppStore. press release

Trip Boss awarded 2009 Palm Addict Reader Award for Best Travel Software! Thanks to all who voted for us!

Date version 1.03 released. Fixes calendar display bug (double March).


148apps is holding their annual BestAppEver awards. Please take time to nominate/vote for Date Wheel or Serving Sizer by clicking on the nominating links on our home page or on their respective product pages.

November newsletter

  Serving Sizer recipe converter for iPhone has been approved and is available on the AppStore. press release

Serving Sizer recipe converter for iPhone has been submitted to the AppStore for approval.

  Date Wheel date calculator 1.2.0 (for iPhone & iPod Touch) live on the AppStore. Update adds settings for turning off sounds.

  Date Wheel date calculator 1.1.0 (for iPhone & iPod Touch) live on the AppStore. Update increases # of saved calcs, added accessibility for visually impaired, plus optimization.

9/12/09:  New! Now you can buy accessories on our accessories store for ALL your smartphones, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iPod.

Date updated (1.02)!  Update includes support of Internet Explorer8, addition of Portuguese, misc bug fixes and optimization.
Mobile-optimized version here.

9/1/09: Fall newsletter.

  CONTEST:  Want promo codes for Date Wheel?  Tweet how you use Date Wheel to be entered in random drawing.  Details and Rules.

Date Wheel for iPhone available on the AppStore!  press release here

Available on the AppStore

8/9/09:  Date Wheel for iPhone submitted to the AppStore for approval.

  Trip Boss and Date Wheel are Classic Certified for the Palm Pre.  Run our software in the PalmOS emulator, Classic by MotionApps, on the new Palm Pre.  press release

5/24/09:  If you are a fan of Trip Boss or Date Wheel, you can also now follow these apps individually on twitter.

2/20/09:  Follow Justine Pratt, founder and President on twitter for more frequent updates and thoughts.

1/15/09:  Follow Creative Algorithms on twitter for discounts and latest news.

  Date Wheel has been awarded the PalmAddict Award of Excellence 2008 for Best Software.  "I use DateWheel on my iPhone Centro. It's one of my favourite programs and I find it mighty useful."--Sammy McLoughlin, PalmAddict.

1/2/09:  Trip Boss wins 2008 PalmAddict Reader Award for Best Travel Program for Palm OS!  Out of 82,363 votes, we garnered 28%.  A special thanks to all our customers and users who voted for us.  Here's the official rankings:

Best Travel Program for Palm OS

TripBoss 28%
SplashTravel 22%
WorldMate 21%
Deluxeware Navigator 15%
Weather 8%
Palmary Clock 4%
Other 2%


12/27/08:  Be sure to check our blog for the latest on our activities:  Mobile Evolution  We'll hit the highlights here, but if you want to see what we're up to, the blog is a great place to start!

  August 2008 Newsletter

7/27/08: 1.0 released.  Date web application has a new format specficially for iPhone, plus an updated desktop and laptop version.  Now supports languages, locales, has input method settings, plus has been polished--new buttons, remembers last entry, and misc. bug fixes from beta.  Native iPhone version coming soon....  press release

We have a blog! Check it out:  Mobile Evolution:  Thoughts, insights, and experiences related to the mobile software industry.  Mobile Evolution is a look at topics related to the evolving mobile space, with a dash of Web 2.0, from a perspective of a small business owner.

  Gage Tech updated to ver. 1.04.  Added export of data in CSV format via Memo.

1/24/08:  Special Edition - Date beta release

1/8/08: BETA release. is a version of Date Wheel for the laptop and desktop, via a browser.  More features, as well as custom support for mobile browsers and iPhone, is forthcoming. Check it it out at  Here's the newsletter with the official announcement to our customer base.


12/30/07:  Trip Boss wins Palm Addict 2007 Reader Award for Best Software!

12/20/07:  December 2007 Newsletter

12/17/07:  Holiday Sale!  From now to the end of December, get 20% off any software in our two stores:  Creative Algorithms - Palm OS, and Mobile Travel Aide (even more Palm titles, Windows Mobile PocketPC and SmartPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian).  Just enter coupon code HOLIDAYS at checkout.  Thanks for a great year!

  September 2007 Newsletter -- Topics include Back to School Newsletter Offers, a new recommended link on, a special offer from our friends at TraxItAll, and a reminder to enter our Trip Boss/Mobile Travel Aide travel contest before it ends this Saturday.

9/4/07:  Sign up to be informed of new releases from Creative Algorithms.

  Trip Boss updated to 3.02.  Fixed a bug that sometimes caused duplicate checklist items.

  Trip Boss updated to 3.01.  New updated manual. Minor bug fixes.

Special Edition - Trip Boss update

  Trip Boss™ updated to version 3.0.  Added checklists for packing and tasks.  Added access to real-time currency exchange rates, real-time weather forecasts and radar, real-time flight status, maps and locations, and more.  Please visit "What's new for 3.0?" for details.  Press release.

Special Edition Newsletter - Trip Boss and Mobile Travel Aide Contest

  Win a Treo 755p smartphone in a travel contest with Trip Boss and Mobile Travel Aide, aka  Co-sponsors include StyleTap, Palm Addict, and PDA247Press release.

  May 2007 Newsletter -- Topics include Grand Opening specials for our new accessories store, upcoming contest to win a Treo 755p, plus spring specials and other special offers.

  Accessories store opens!  Click on the above accessories store button to browse accessories for your Treo or PDA.

4/11/07:  Trip Boss featured on PATV, Palm Addict's videocast. 

3/9/07:  Date Wheel reviewed by SvenOnTech

Special Edition Newsletter- Date Wheel update

  Date Wheel updated to fix bug that can occur with extremely large duration.

1/23/07:  Official release of Date Wheel 3: press release.

  Date Wheel updated to version 3.0. Now save tasks for future reference!  Today lock added to countdown to a date automatically.  30 day financial month option added.  Misc. bug fixes and minor enhancements.  

  Sammy McLoughlin, editor of Palm Addict, has completed a new 4-part review of Trip Boss.  You can find the conclusion (10 out of 10) and links to the remaining parts here.


  Trip Boss placed 3rd in the Palm Addict 2006 Reader Awards, just behind Datebk5 and Pocket Tunes.  Thanks to all your support during the 2006 voting!  All results are posted here.  The new poll for 2007 is now available for voting.

  December 2006 Newsletter -- Topics include more  "Did you know?" helpful hints about Trip Boss, last minute gift ideas, and holiday specials.

  New tutorial:  Road Trip Planning Using Trip Boss™ -- Step by step explanation on how to plan a road trip using the Trip Planner tab.
Updated tutorial:  Exporting Expenses/Mileage from Trip Boss™  -- Added special steps for Exporting via Outlook.

11/14/06:  November 2006 Newsletter -- includes "Did you know?" helpful hints about Trip Boss.

  New tutorial:  Saving Customized Settings in Trip Boss™ with Copy Trip -- help for bringing past customizations into a new trip, rather than reentering them.

10/15/06: Palmtop User Magazine reviews Trip Boss 2.0x: "...Trip Boss is the perfect companion, and the best in its class"

  October 2006 Newsletter

  New Trip Boss/Travel Survey is available.  We're planning to improve Trip Boss
and also add companions as necessary and need your feedback--even if you do not yet own the product!  Please help us out by completing the survey.  Thanks!!

  New Software pack!  Buy Trip Boss
and Date Wheel together and SAVE!  Regularly $49.90, now $44.42 when purchased at the same time using this link.

  Trip Boss named Finalist in 2006 Handango Champion Awards - Best Application for Life.  Winners will be announced September 11, 2006.

  May 2006 Newsletter

  Trip Boss updated to fix the fuel economy calculation on the summary page.

  Trip Boss updated to fix orphaned itinerary bug.  Misc. bug fixes.

5/7/06: Date Wheel updated to add support for all resolutions and all color depths. Misc. bug fixes.

5/7/06: Serving Sizer updated to add icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.

5/7/06: Fraction Fit updated to add icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.

5/7/06: OptiSize updated to add icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.

5/7/06: Gage Tech updated to add support for Treo 5-way navigation. Added icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.  Misc. small features added.  Misc. bug fixes.

5/7/06: Quick Ohm updated to add icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.

5/7/06: Calorie Factor updated to add icon support for all resolutions and all color depths.

  April 2006 Newsletter

4/17/06:  Trip Boss gets an assistant!  Mobile Travel Aide™ Travel Portal launches.  Easy access to information for the mobile traveler.  Mobile-friendly travel links such as flight status, weather radar, and currency rates are included on this convenient website.  A free weblink for your launcher is also available for download.  More info and press release.

4/6/06: Trip Boss featured in the Wall Street Journal.

  March 2006 Newsletter

3/5/06: Special Edition Newsletter- Trip Boss update

  Trip Boss™updated to version 2.0.  Complete redesign of the itinerary module, plus other improvements and enhancements.  What's new for 2.0?
Press release.

  February 2006 Newsletter

  Mobile version of Creative Algorithms' site is now available.  This site will make it easier to "surf" using your Treo or PDA with wifi.  You can shop or contact us wirelessly via our mobile site

  Randy Jones has been selected as the winner of the Trip Boss Birthday Contest.  He has selected a Dell Axim X51v as his prize.  In addition, a close runner-up has been selected, May C. who has been awarded 3 software titles by Creative Algorithms.  Thanks to all who entered!  Be sure to check out all entries, which provide valuable ideas and tips on traveling with your PDA.  Full press release.

1/12/06:  Trip Boss ties for third place in the Palm Addict 2005 Reader Awards for Best Software!  Thanks to everyone who voted for us!  First place was Datebk5, second was Bejeweled/Bejeweled2, and we tied for third with Pocket Tunes...


12/28/05:  Trip Boss receives "Palm Addict Award of Excellence 2005 for Best Software." more details...

  Last minute holiday shopping??  No time for shipping?  Try an eGiftWith the Holidays upon us, many mobile enthusiasts are looking for ways to share their favorite Creative Algorithms' applications with family and friends. To purchase and send, via email, gift certificates for our products, just visit this special page.  Your gift certificate will be delivered via a personalized email to the recipient, with simple instructions for downloading the product you have gifted to them. And you will receive a confirmation, on download, that your recipient has received the gift.

  Trip Boss birthday contest deadline extended to January 8, 2006.

  December 2005 Newsletter

  Select titles now available for purchase on CD-ROM.  Trip Boss, Date Wheel, Serving Sizer .  Great for holiday gift giving!

  Trip Boss™ 1.15 update released to fix bug with "copy trip."

  November 2005 Newsletter

  Happy Birthday Trip Boss™!!   Creative Algorithms, together with our friends, PDA247 and Palm Addict, announce a contest to celebrate Trip Boss' first birthday.  Enter to win a PDA of your choice (up to a $575 value).  Contest entry information and rules are located on the Trip Boss Birthday page.  View full press release.

  New feature!  Recommended software by third parties available in our Store.   We recommend software titles that would be useful in conjunction with our software, along with some of our favorite and most used titles.  Visit our store to see what we have to offer.

  Trip Boss 1.14 released to address issue with time zone country selection.

  Special Offer:  Buy Trip Boss™ and Date Wheel™ together and get BOTH titles for 25% off!  Limited time only.  Offer good thru 31-Aug-2005.

  Trip Boss updated to add menu option to beam a trip to another Trip Boss user, including administrative assistants and family members.
Added UK (Imperial) gallons to the list of fuel units.  Added date prefix to default trip name when creating new trips.  Misc. bug fixes and enhancements.

6/20/05:  Trip B
oss™ reviewed by Jose Mendiola of  read review (Spanish)   read Google-translated page (English)

  New tutorial:  Exporting Expenses/Mileage from Trip Boss™-- help for exporting data to a PC spreadsheet application.

  New help for Trip Boss™: User Stories and Tips.  Submit yours today!

  Select shareware on sale.

  Shopping cart and secure checkout now provided by Mobihand.

  Trip Boss™ reviewed in Palmtop User magazine  issue 10.  Read excerpt...

  Trip Boss updated to add "Export Mileage" menu item for exporting mileage reports to Memo Pad in CSV format.
Fixed a bug where exported itineraries sometimes didn't appear in the Date Book until after a HotSync operation.  Misc. bug fixes and enhancements.

  Trip Boss™ reviewed by Shaun McGill of Palm247.  view review

  Trip Boss updated to support changes to the PalmOS specific to the Tungsten T5.

  Trip Boss™ receives four statue review by the Pocket Goddess.  view review

  Trip Boss™ updated to improve graphics: color, high resolution, new tab presentation design, color table rows, red negative numbers.  Misc. bug fixes.  Press release.


12/23/04:  Trip Boss™ named 2004 "Palm Software of the year" by Shaun McGill, Palm247.

  OptiSize™  updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo. Misc. bug fixes and other small features added.

  Fraction Fit™ meets criterion for Palm Powered Solution™.

  Quick Ohm™ meets criterion for Palm Powered Solution™.

  Date Wheel™ updated to fix upgrade issues.

  Fraction Fit™ updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo. Misc. bug fixes and other small features added.

  Trip Boss™ updated to fix 3rd party compatiblity issues with PIM applications on Tungsten T3 and E, including issues with the PIM patch.

  Quick Ohm™ updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo.  Misc. bug fixes and other small features added.

  Calorie Factor™ (freeware) updated to ver. 1.06.

11/21/04:  Trip Boss™ updated to fix crash on T3 when exporting itineraries to date book.

11/19/04:  Calorie Factor™ (freeware) updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo.  Date Wheel™ and Serving Sizer™ updated with minor bug fixes.

  Date Wheel™ updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo.

  Just in time for holiday cooking!  Serving Sizer™ updated to support 5 way navigation button on the Treo.  Now easier to use when shopping or on the go!

Trip Boss™ updated to support 5 way navigation button for Treo.

  Trip Boss™ released (meets criterion for Palm Powered Solution™).  Press release

  Check out our newly designed website!  In addition to a new look, we've added two new pages for easier downloading and registration of multiple products at once.

  Tutorials and manuals page added to our website.  Download the .pdf instruction manuals for our software.  (Also included with the downloads of the software.)

  Select software on sale.

  OptiSize™ meets criterion for Palm Powered Solution™.  Press release

  April 2004 newsletter

  Gage Tech™ released (meets criterion for Palm Powered Solution™).  Press release

  Links and Resources Page Updated
We've updated our links page to include links and resources that might be of interest to our customers and that compliment our software.  Content includes Palm links, Linux, Programming, Business, Webpage design, and resources that compliment Serving Sizer and Gage Tech.

  Date Wheel™ and Serving Sizer™ meet criterion for Palm Powered Solution™.

4/2/04:  Creative Algorithms pursues Palm Powered Solution(TM) for all its shareware
Creative Algorithms is in the process of verifying all its shareware to be compliant with PalmSource, Inc.'s Palm Powered Solution(TM).  When the Palm Powered Solution(TM) logo is displayed with software, it indicates that the program meets these test standards. 

  Fraction Fit™ released.

  Serving Sizer™ released.  Press release

  Quick Ohm™ released.

1/29/04:  OptiSize™released.


  Calorie Factor™ (freeware) released.

11/15/03:  Customized sponsor option for Date Wheel™ and other select software is now available!

  Date Wheel™ 2.0, upgraded for use on Palm OS 5, released as shareware by Creative Algorithms, LLC.

10/6/03:  Creative Algorithms, LLC, incorporates and launches first products.

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